Founded by Laura Fox, Visionary Culture is a multi-media educational, event production and entertainment vehicle for assisting us in The Shift to a more conscious, proactive, empowered and healthy lifestyle.

Laura serves as event producer, emcee, panel moderator, radio host, workshop facilitator and author.

Laura’s work includes helping raise our awareness, our vibration and our ability to work powerfully together through collaborative visioning training and Anchor The Dream. She hosts and produces Visionary Culture Radio which presents healers, musicians, artists, scientists, social architects, permaculturists, ecologists, raw foodists, health advocates + solution makers on the leading edge.

Laura holds space for the raw plant foods movement, and for all people to add more delicious, raw vegan foods to the diet through the Best of Raw Online and Offline Event Series and the Raw Alliance Trade Association which is currently in development.

We feature high vibrational ideas, inspiration, downloads, events, products and consciousness tools which help us collectively SHIFT + UPLIFT to the full expression of our super hero powers of transformation and planetary awakening.

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Our monthly Visionary Culture E-zine is a community activation and health education tool. We offer give aways, community collaboration, recipes and fresh articles covering the latest trends, research and reviews in the raw vegan world.

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Special thanks to Jennifer Yane for creating the beautiful art for our logo.

Many Blessings!

Laura Fox, Director + Creative Visionary

photos of laura by emrys hanley


  1. brother sage says:

    what my (live Foods) Work has been for 30 years and all Raw Foods Folks(students, teachers, authors, radio personalities, and newbies) is to find and maintain(some call anchor) each person’s Way Of Being.

    Raw Inspirations can be such a place or Oasis for us to find our way home( to the “lifestyle” or “way of Being). Those of us that practice Conscious Eating, Thinking, Relating and Serving The One (in all Life) naturally either know this or are working as much as possible to get “Here” through their own discipline and commitment.

    Praise you Laura and Rob for your Love, Support and Energy to “Keep the Light on” for This Live Foods Way of Being to Live Forever and BE Experienced, Expressed and Enjoyed by “Those who answer the Call”

    Your Immortal Brother in Raw
    Brother Sage

  2. Thank you Brother Sage!

    The Family of Light is so strong and beautiful. We appreciate you and all you do and all you are, too!

    If you want to find out more about what Brother Sage is up to, you can find him here:

  3. mammaren says:

    HI! I am new to this journey. Well, not entirely, but this time it’s real for me. I love your blog. I have added you to my blogroll and plan to come back often. So nice to see raw food bloggers!!


  4. Thank you Ren! Please feel free to share your journey here, this is what it’s for! Your sharing will benefit many.


  5. 6 11 08 hi friend laura i would love some 4BY6 at least of ‘jefferson starship w paul kantner,david freiberg,cathy richardson’ was ‘marty balin’ there ? picks ! can you @ your Friends please help me out with this ma’am ? did ‘moonalice w pete sears @ jack casady’ play ? ! thany you for a real good time,cheers ! steve ringstad 1343 Leecrest Wichita,KS 67209

  6. p.s. laura i’ll kindly @ gladly help you and your friends who help me out with photos,always… a couple of mickey hart,hey now @ wavy gravy-god bless him peace @ love thanks again laura,cheers steve ringstad 6 17 08 that’s 5(1/2)responses,positive responses at that…ma’am !!!

  7. Hi Tommy, here is a url with Harmony photos. Check to see if what you would like is here. Thanks for your enthusiasm! So glad you loved it! Harmony was truly a great time.

  8. Brian says:

    This blog site looks great. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  9. jdpolson says:

    Hello all,

    I’m currently researching various weight loss programs and courses.

    So, if you don’t mind please answer in this topic: What’s your single most important question about weight loss?

    Cheers, JD

  10. Aloha JD,

    My single most important question about weight loss is, what are the natural ways of rebalancing and strengthening the endocrine system so the body’s weight balancing mechanisms can self-restore?

    Thanks for asking!

    Laura Fox

  11. Gisele G. S. Salum says:


    What a neat blog this is! Just by taking a quick tour, the gloom and doom that was hanging ominously in the air just started dissipating. It has not vanished altogether, but there’s no doubt I’m feeling more invigorated and optimistic.

    I’m a Brazilian living in São Paulo, where the raw food movement is still at a very sluggish pace. Although I’m aware that there are no excuses for not doing what one deems right, I confess my own path has been rather faltering – I just can’t seem to stick with a comprehensively wholesome lifestyle, which of course includes but goes far beyond the realm of nutrition.

    Anyway, being an incorrigible optimist, I know that sunnier days are just around the corner.

    Thank God there are blogs like Raw Inspirations to get us going!

    Actually, there’s so much more to be grateful for; the universe has so many treats in store for us; great places, special people; knowledge. If only we keep our eyes wide open and all our senses alert.

    I hope one day, for instance, to spend at least a month at Gabriel Cousen’s Tree of Life, in Tucson, Arizona. When many years ago I read his book “Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet”, I was so intrigued and captivated by the message that I immediately felt, one day I must meet this man in person. I’m sure that sooner or later this will happen.

    Yes, I will only pay heed to the encouraging voices that are urging me on. I refuse to dwell in self-deprecating notions and visions of hell. Not all is bleak. There’s much light around. Indeed over the years there have been numerous good tidings and developments, such as my recently stumbling upon a cool site by the name of Mistura Viva, run by Ursula Jahara, a Brazilian living in the States. I believe it was on her site that I got to know about Dr. Alberto Peribanez Gonzalez and his fabulous work with the Oficina da Semente (“Seed Workshop”), currently located in Campos do Jordao, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

    Dr. Gonzalez (M.D. PhD), a gastroenterologist by training, is one of those rare physicians who see the body as being far bigger than the sum of its constituent cells. His stance can aptly be described as “holistic” in the truest sense of the word, and he seems to have an inherent open-mindedness which permits him to tap on the vast reservoirs of age-old knowledge while remaining attuned to new findings. In short, he’s in a class of his own; a rare bird, for not many doctors here in Brazil have his kind of penetrating vision.

    I would like to take the opportunity to recommend his book “Lugar de Médico é na Cozinha” ( “Doctors Belong in the Kitchen” – as yet untranslated into English). Those who are interested in finding out more about him and his initiatives would also do well to watch the next edition of the program “Globo Reporter” – this coming Friday, September 5th, around 10pm.

    When I decided to write some lines on this blog, I did not start out with the intention of going on about Dr. Gonzalez; I just left the flow of ideas follow their course. My testimonial is a well-meaning propaganda of a man who deserves to be heard and respected, specially in a place like Brazil, where darkness subsists regarding untold issues. I would be honored to somehow contribute, however modestly, to the spread of his message

    As I write these lines, it is also my hope that I may lighten the load of those who like me are feeling rather despondent about their “failure” to stick with a raw diet and all other kinds of resolutions. Reading about the difficulties that I have been having on my path towards a healthier and more conscious life, perhaps some people might be able to reevaluate their motives and put everything in perspective. The bottom line is, there’s no reason for us to let our spirits sag – nothing is permanent, and everything we go through can make us wiser.

    Thank you for the wonderful work in creating and keeping this blog – I’ll be sure to come back many times!

    I’m very grateful indeed to be having this human experience.

    In peace and light,

    Gisele G. S. Salum

  12. Aloha Gisele, thanks so much for sharing! I’m so glad you are finding encouragement and inspiration here, that’s what it’s all about! I also found being on the Raw Path that it took more than willpower and intent to stick with it at first. I actually did some reality creation techniques, which are going to be in my first book if I ever get a chance to finish writing it! In the meantime, you can write out a ‘script’ of what you want your life with food (or anything for that matter) to be like. I suggest writing it in the “I am now enjoying 100% raw food diet…) way and also write the same script again in the “you” fashion, ie, “Gisele, you are now enjoying…” etc etc. Write out all the aspects of how you feel, how you eat, what your life is like with the change of the diet you feel is best for you, in a full page. Then translate it to the “you” mode. These can be read aloud each day, and/or recorded into a tape recorder. If you record them, you can listen back, ideally once in the morning and once at night. And do your best to ‘feel’ like it has already happened. Peace and love! Laura

  13. Gisele G. S. Salum says:

    Hello, Laura,

    Thank you for answering, and for doing it so promptly! This kind of swiftness is actually something that I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of, or so it seems in this current incarnation. You see, I tend to procrastinate; perhaps because I “idealize” too much. Anyway, I really appreciate your encouragement and support. Your piece of advice is quite interesting – I’m going to try it out. I just have to be careful about the “going to” bit. More than ever, in all areas of my life, I must remember Nike’s slogan: Just Do It. Period.

    Writing a book sounds like a formidably challenging task, but it must surely be a very rewarding experience. I hope you will be able to accomplish this goal if it something that would be meaningful for you.

    I’m looking forward to finding out more about your blog and the work you do.

    Kind regards,


  14. Tamarind says:

    Hi Laura,

    My friend Jacqueline Clemons just told me about your web site today. So I’m checking it out for the first time.

    It looks amazing!!

    I’m a singer trained in Indian Classical music who makes raw chocolates.

    My web site is

    All the best,


  15. Selah says:

    Have signed up to attend “Raw Vegan Basics :: Focus on Enzymes, Probiotics + Cultured Foods” on Jan 15th. Spent a week in training w/ Viktoras Kulvinskas in October 2007. Any suggestion for literature or URLs about taking “therapeutic Enzymes”. Thanks, Selah

  16. kaelovinlife says:

    great site you got going here. check out some of my vegan recipes at *kae*

  17. The style of writing is very familiar to me. Have you written guest posts for other blogs?

  18. Thank you for commenting. I do write a lot of copy which ends up on a lot of websites, for example, I wrote the 8 Flames of the Raw Games copy and the copy on the site. I occasionally blog around. Hope you are enjoying everything! One Love, Laura

  19. Been raw for about one year and it has been one of the best transformations of my life 🙂 Love the community. Thank you so much for sharing the positive vibes Laura.

  20. Michal Mymo says:

    Hello 🙂
    I found your blog through give it to me raw and i have been reading through it and its awesome! Its very informative and intersting to read. As a 16 year old raw vegan i love to read articles and other blogs about living a raw lifestyle. I look forward to your future posts!


  21. Dear Laura~~~

    Please Share this Message of Peace with Your Audience, Friends, Family, and Loved Ones~~~~

    The Long Foreseen Hopi Flash of Light Came from the East as The Great
    Spirit Intended It To Be, On 1/11/2009 Over The Sacred Spring At Mount
    Shasta, The Headwaters of the Sacramento River at 11:11PM EST!!!

    Love You and Your Family To Infinity and Beyond And Have A Fabulous and
    Elegant Day Every Day You Bless Mother Earth As You All Do, Sincerely,
    Mark The Blue Star Kachina!!!!!


    The Rainbow Bridge To Peace On Earth Web Site~~~~

    Bigforks Organic Acres

    3334 Indian Creek Road
    Butte Avenue
    Happy Camp, California 96039
    Karuk Nation!!!
    Turtle Island!!!!!
    Mother Earth!!!!!!!!

  22. Yvonne says:

    Hi Laura, I had to laugh at the irony as I was listening to the radio show of Trevor Justice. Next to your picture is an ad window and at that time an ad for, I believe, SnorgsTees, was showing a woman wearing a tee that said ” BACON makes everything better”. Anyway, loved the show ,thanks for all you do!

  23. Pat says:

    Great page. Thanks for all the inspiration!

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