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Where science & art on the leading edge meet ecology & personal transformation for planetary activation!

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Check it out! Here’s what fans and guests of Visionary Culture Radio are saying!

“Laura, I love what you’re doing with visionary culture radio. You are very talented at choosing thought provoking guests and at asking the questions that really get our synapses firing. Thank you for bringing a message of light and hope to a world that sometimes seems devoid of it.”
~Peace always, Cory Churko

“What an enriching experience to connect with others artists from other parts of the world who are resonating with the same energy. It just shows how connected we really are on a deep level.  Thank you Laura for creating a space for our visions to connect and expand.”
~With Joy, Laura Hollick, Soul Artist

“Our conversation this evening was so essential for me personally and I could feel the deep value that it holds and activates for the collective. The bridging and integrating experiences that all inspired art provides. During the show I could feel a deeper valuing within myself for what I am doing here on Earth with my art. And it was so fulfilling to share with other magnificent artists, as yourself. Thank you for creating Visionary Culture Radio.”
~In Honor & Gratitude, Mykal Aubry, Visionary Artist

“Laura Fox is a pioneer in the conscious community and a powerful voice for change.  I love the show and am thrilled that we have a forum for these powerful ideas and a vessel for the communal mind.  The guests and topics are always pushing the edge and helping us all to get clearer, think more expansively and act bigger.”
~Janabai Owens Amsden Euphoria Loves Rawvolution Cafe

“I just heard your shows with Debbie Ford, Don and Tyler Tolman, Kerrie Dancing Butterfly, Gabriel Cousens and others. What a line up of activating information. Thanks for doing such great interviews! My radio program called Green Light just started yesterday (Thursdays 4-5pm) on CFSI 107.9 FM, also available at I am really grateful to have your show as a super high standard of what I would like to achieve.”
~Rock on! Erin Harper

“Laura Fox is a portal. Step in, just like Alice in Wonderland falls through the rabbit hole, and you will discover a world beyond your wildest dreams. Standing on the top of this mountain you will see who you are becoming, because Laura is in tune with the next wave.”
~Olga Aura, founder of The 21 Day Clease

“Hi Laura, thank you so much for having me on your amazing show. It was awesome to speak with you, you’re incredible, thanks for creating valuable lifesaving programming for the planet~rawk on!”
~In appreciation and  respect, Ani Phyo

“Thank YOU Laura! I had such a great time as ALWAYS!!! Your show always provides the highest information, and THAT inspires us ALL!”
~ONE LOVE, Daniel, Konscious Krieger, Luminous Family Productions

“Hi Laura, Fantastic to be apart of this conscious revolution with you. Your work and dedication for inspiring truth and love on the planet through the media is a gift from God and I bow to you with fresh flowers! Thank you for shining bright, Angel Heart.”
~Jennifer Partridge, Our New Earth

“Hey Laura~ Thanks for having me on your radio show. Keep up the excellent work in sharing insights into organics, live foods, and new ways of living greener.”
~Blessings, John W. Roulac CEO Nutiva

“Aloha Goddess! I had a wonderful time talking with you about the things that move us from the heart.  You are an amazing host amongst all the other amazing things you do and gifts you share.  Thank you!!”
~Jacqueline Clemons, “In The Garden of Fear-No-More

“That was sooooooo fun!  You held the space for all of us to shine our light so beautifully,  thank you Lightening blossom” xoxoxo
~“Shakaya” Shannon Leone

“Thanks extremely for having Jacqueline and I on your show Laura! Such an enjoyable hour it was. I already received e-mails from several friends who listened in. They had nothing but praise for the event, the positive vibes and positive messages.”
~ David Gunderloy, Deep Light Cafe

“Aloha Laura, I’ve been on your show several times. It’s always insightful and entertaining. You’re the best, thanks so much for all you do. Your support of our cause the Gyre Cleanup Project is deeply appreciated. Your connecting the dots is so valuable, like the connection with Alex Arndt who gave us permission to use his song PLASTIC SOUP written about the North Pacific Gyre.
~Waves of Love 2 U, Rich Sundance Owen, Founder, Environmental Cleanup Coalition,

“What an amazing experience to share space with Ms. Laura Fox and three beautifully activated and awakened men on Visionary Culture Radio! I’m so incredibly grateful and excited in this pivotal moment on our way to living Heaven on Earth! It is comforting to know there are so many of us sharing a similar vision of a world made new through intentionally focused action with a foundation of profound integrity for the One… in all of Us. Bless Up and All Over the Place!
~”Superfood” Sarah Maria, SpeakEasy on You Tube Speakeasy on WordPress

“Thank you Miss Foxy, for holding a space for the galactivation of gods and goddesses!!”
~Frank Giglio, Chef and marathon runner

Laura, your tireless dedication and bright light provide a hearth for visionaries to warm our souls and revitalize our spirits. With renewed inspiration and energy, we go back into the world to bring our contribution to this amazing and unprecedented collective transformation. And together, we will prevail. We are blessed with your presence.
~All love, Marianne Weidlein, transformational facilitator, Empowering Vision

“It was a lotta’ fun. Laura is truly a rock star of internet radio and obviously made it easy with her graceful presence.”
~Holistically Yours, Fatima Lowe-Williams, I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist,

Holistic Health Practioner, & Wellness Edu-tainer

“Hi Laura- thanks for your awesome radio show, a perfect platform for exposure to the many voices of the visionaries in our global community…”
~Neiel Davis Cavin

“Thanks Laura! What a great show!  You rule:)  We are happy to collaborate or help you in whatever way we can.  Thanks for doing such great work.  Cheers to living a purpose driven life.  Stay in the flow.”
~Peace, Anna & Kristen REVITALIVE!

“I really enjoyed the show. Glad I tuned in. I would recommend it to all. There are wonderful things going on on the planet! Those were 2 motivating guests. Thanks for having this show Laura.”

“Awesome, thanks Laura! I love Quintessence too!! Looking forward to the show. I really appreciate all that you are doing! Many mahalos!”
~Love and blessings, Candice

“Laura… That was the best show ever!!!!!  Seriously… I had the time of my life!  It was such a thrill to be talking to all of you and I am flying so very high right now!!!!!!   Here’s to inspiring everyone to follow synchronicities and live their dreams!  I look forward to … Anchor The Dream!!!!  Listening to your shows has played an enormous part in the creation of this vision… so I thank you for your amazing work.  tonight truly was a joy!  I cannot thank you enough!
~Much love- Amy Miller Transcendance Theatre

“Hi Laura, I love Raw Inspirations. I think what you are doing is amazing!”
~Susan Marjanovic

“Hi Laura, Just wanted to tell you that the last ezine on comfort zones really struck a chord with me. These past couple weeks I have been blessed with the opportunities to put myself outside of my comfort zone and explore what that feels like and let me tell you it has been a learning experience for sure! Moving forward, baby! Thanks for the inspiration to meditate on these experiences and really soak it in : )”
~Much love! Melina


One Response to RADIO

  1. RE: Engineer Survives Diabetic Coma and Helps Other Diabetics

    Dear Ms. Fox,
    My daughter says I have a powerful and inspirational story — but, the experts say it may be too controversial for your radio show.

    I almost died from diabetes, but I (along with my daughter)) fought the doctors and won. They’re really upset that I figured out how to get off their drugs, but I don’t care.

    Thanks to my daughter and my mother, they brought me home from the hospital, changed my diet to whole foods, and saved my life. Here’s a video of me discussing how they saved my life:

    I worked in Corporate America for over 30 years, so I learned some things about science that has helped me. I also used to work for the American Diabetes Association (ADA), so I know what’s really going on inside. They’re afraid that other people are going to find out the real truth.

    My book “Death to Diabetes” is now one of the top-selling diabetes books in the country, plus it’s outselling the ADA’s diabetes book, so they’re a little upset.

    If you think my story would be worthwhile for your audience, let’s talk — there’s work to be done … if you want to shake up the world …

    I’ve been told that my story is too hot or controversial. The experts have told me no one with a radio show like yours is going to risk interviewing me and upsetting the country.

    If that’s true, then, I’ll understand if you don’t contact me …

    p.s. My daughter says I would make a great interview. 🙂

    The following are a few of her favorite videos of me talking:

    Being interviewed by a NYC cardiologist:

    Talking at a medical conference about diabetes and nutrition:

    Being introduced by a medical doctor:

    Here’s a diabetic and a doctor on his radio show talking about me:

    I hope the experts are wrong and you’ll at least give me a call at 585-671-0577, or just call the toll-free number 1-800-813-1927 …

    Take care.

    DeWayne McCulley
    Diabetes Educator and Author

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