INSPIRATION OF THE WEEK How is life different when “doing” comes from “being?”

The great BEING of our being is always present, waiting patiently for our personalities to awaken to the vast beingness that we ARE.

We so often create, speak, and act from the mind, from the little voice that thinks it’s in charge.

Of course we have been conditioned this way, and there is no need to judge ourselves for it!

However! The vast BEing that we are has so much more, what a funny way to say it… BY FAR so much more than our little minds have access to. The BEing we are has access to everything! IS everything!

Tapping in deeper, and deeper, and deeper-into the Power of this Presence-that needs nothing, lacks nothing, feels all peace, feels all love-this is the place from which, if we allow it, our actions can arise.

What would the world look like if all the BEings on the planet allowed action to arise from this deep well of beingness? How can we practice each day, to tap into this well, to drink of it’s mirthful and rich waters, fully potentiated to allow ‘the next most perfect action’ to arise, without attachment, without ‘needing to know,’ without fear of the future… What would it be like if we could all settle in to the power and potency of this arising, together, on this path of earth life? Wow! I can imagine… Can you?

Laura Chiraya Fox

What Impact Does Food Have On Ecology?

Have we truly sussed out the situation regarding food and ecology? Do we consider with each bite that that food was grown on the earth? Do we ask ourselves how it was grown, were pesticides used, was any harm done to any being, was any harm done to the soil to bring it to me?

Do we recognize we are eating food grown on a planet where we cohabitate with billions of other people who also eat every day? Have we really thought through the consequences of our habits, and have we actually activated our ability to understand where we are headed as it regards the food supply on the planet? What if we switched to a more local, plant based diet? How would this help us to curb our appetite for self destruction through over use of soil, land, water and other resouces?

This is truly food for thought…

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