“If I could sum up the experience I’ve had with Laura in just a few words I would have to say that she is a miracle worker.”

~ Michael Perlin
Producer/Director 3 Magic Words Movie
Los Angeles, CA

“Laura Fox is an amazing individual!!!   Our encounter was one that I could write a short story about, but I will give you the abridged version.  Let me start by saying that I had no idea who she was, let alone what she does… I was at the New Years Raw Spirit Fest at the end of 2011 and had a poem that I wanted to submit to a person named Laura Fox by a deadline that was fast-approaching.  After searching for about an hour I almost gave up.   When I returned to the front desk to ask ONE MORE TIME if Laura Fox was here… I heard, “I’m Laura Fox”.  It seemed she appeared out of nowhere!  What happened next was nothing short of divine.  She asked if I would take a walk with her.  So we walked to a bench, sat down. She centered herself, connected with my guidance and channeled messages that were poignant and pure about a subject that had been consuming me and was close to my heart…   While I wasn’t entirely ready to hear what she had to share, when I returned home and began to apply the guidance she received, the entire situation began to shift.  Truly a magical individual, her timing, the message and the outcomes were truly divine! THANK YOU LAURA!!!”

~ Kevin Ackad
Los Angeles, CA

Laura has been an invaluable asset to our team!  She has an uncanny ability to see a vision, connect dots and connect to the perfect resources and people, exactly when they are needed.

~Rock Paliuca


Enthusiasm and Endorsements for Anchor the Dream™ Visionary  Stewardship Process

How grateful I am to you Laura to have conceived and launched ANCHOR THE DREAM, giving us the opportunity to do come together! I think you’re the perfect person to offer this process because you are not only of a very high spiritual level but you let your joy exuberate out of you and so many people on the spiritual path don’t do that. It was great to see somebody who was truly walking the talk. Your exuberance is infectious and loads of fun! Most deeply rewarding spiritually! You’re a free spirit! And that helped to liberate and expand and open us up more! ANCHOR THE DREAM was a tremendously rewarding, uplifting, expansive high-level experience and I am so grateful to have had an opportunity to leave behind my personal concerns and expand out into helping shift our world structures to a more loving foundation, and in connecting more deeply with the fact that we are all One. It was beautiful to join others who are also doing the same thing.

~ Gina Marques

WOW!  Laura, I had an absolutely joyful time playing at your first Anchor the Dream workshop.  What fun it was to play, dance, mind map our collective visions for planetary transformation, meditate, create our vision in small groups of the dream in skits, meditate, learn about raising our vibration to assist in the creation of a new reality, meet new friends…and so much more… was offered to assist in creating the ripples of change that are bound to come from such an insightful and inspiring weekend.  It was a pleasure to meet you for the first time and a joy to watch your expressions as your dream came true as you rolled out your vision through the workshop to cultivate the seeds for change.  I applaud you for creating such a brilliant weaving of thought patterns and activities and thank you for having the opportunity to be a part of your creation.  I know your heart must feel thrilled, delighted and uplifted as mine does as my being is still echoing the vibration of a shift that happened within me several days later.   I feel so honored and grateful that God found a way to connect me with you to allow such a profound connection in Source that your Anchor the Dream workshop provided.

Surrounding you with support, love, and blessings and wishing you all the best.


~ Krystal Fenn

Great workshop………..far exceeded my expectations.  Energized me to focus on shifting my consciousness and that of our beloved earth and universe.

~Chantal Andrews

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this past weekend! I had such a high time!  Anchoring the Dream is an idea whose time has come! What power in group visualizing, especially after we raise our vibrations together!

When I first got there and we did the first dance, I was feeling a bit tight and closed down, but by the last dance, I was dancing up a storm and hugging everyone!

Its so much fun to be both silly and powerful!  I hope you offer it here again so I can share this with all my friends!

~ Love from my highest energy level,  Jennifer Yane

Laura – Great Love Goddess of the NEW NOW-NESS,

Thanks so much for the weekend EXPERIENCE !!!!! If you ever do that again, let me know so I can share this with some of my yoga friends – I know they’d love it too. Energetic Activists Engaged and Ready for ACTION – !!

The information presented was powerful and inspiring to work in concert with so many people all with similar visions for the future of life on Earth. The humming bee circle was an amazing “real” example of how vibration multiplied by many people filled with peace and love can open your Spirit wide open. The group work we did Sunday was really amazing, too. Watching each group’s performance, especially the one on Communication that was entirely SILENT moved me nearly to tears. I now can take my own Spiritual practice and imagine it multiplied like ripples in the ocean all over the planet. I feel that even I have a powerful impact on our planet and all living beings just by living Peace, Love and Light. Laura, your Divinely inspired words and this entire program are a major key/ tool to lifting us all to a HIGHER place. You are right – it is time. The time is……..NOW!!!

~Going forth and Om’ing Loudly with Divine Light and Love,
Lydia “Nitya”

Our, ANCHOR THE DREAM Workshop Weekend was LIBERATING and INSPIRING! I am released from unhelpful, and self limiting thought patterns. And I feel Inspired to see the possibilities. Most especially I liked the incredible music and working together in groups. We took the time, not only to look deeper within, but also, reach out in fellowship to each other for the good of our living EARTH!!   YIPPEEEE!     WHAT A CONCEPT! Thank you Sister Laura. You are the spark, starting up this HEALING MOVEMENT. Thank You Sister Laura Fox!

~Grateful Steward, Timothy Waywalker


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