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Subtle Activism on OBO Radio: Intention, Coherence and Reality Creation

The Power Is Within “All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we 
make our world.” ~ Buddha “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit 
a very persistent one.” ~ Albert Einstein “It has taken humanity thousands of … Continue reading

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Your Divine Calling

Are you feeling that there is more to life than what you are currently living? Have you got some kind of bug in you that just won’t go away, that is sneakily saying, “you’ve got something special to do… yes, … Continue reading

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Speaking With The Filmmaker: Reflections On 3 Magic Words Movie

Laura Fox: What motivated you to produce this film? Michael Perlin: I was searching for something that was so simple and easy to understand that ties together all the spiritual teachings from all ages and all cultures. Laura: What did … Continue reading

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Laura Fox on board for Earth Day SF with Living Mandala, Empowerment Works, Green Zone

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I am super super stoked to be working with my friend Jay Ma of Living Mandala, Melanie St. James of Empowerment Works, and Doug Kolberg of Green Zone Productions! Stay tuned for more info about this awesome event as it … Continue reading

Gallery | Tagged , , , , , , | Leave a comment and Visionary Culture Radio present…Evolver Spores: The Rise of Visionary Culture

This month, more than 40 Evolver Spores will explore how visionary artists and designers can bring about tangible changes to our world. Wed, Nov. 17 As modern civilization hurtles down a path to self-destruction, bands of inspired people are forging … Continue reading

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Anchor The Dream with me at Raw Spirit Festival!

Check it out! You can join Laura Fox at the 2010 Raw Spirit Festival in beautiful, boulderous Prescott, Arizona! Go to to get your ticket and come join the fun! Anchor The Dream takes place Friday, September 24 from … Continue reading

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Interview of Laura Fox :: Important Downloads for Planetary Awakening

Click Here To Watch Interview

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Show with Brian O’Leary Now Archived :: Is There A Solution To Our Energy Crisis?

In this special episode recorded in Vilcabamba Ecuador, author of 11 books and former astronaut Brian O’Leary explains his perspective on where we’re at with the energy crisis and what we can do about it. Also adding to the conversation … Continue reading

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Our Response Ability :: Gulf Surge, Gyre Waste Dump, etcetera

Aloha! Okay, so let’s think this thru for a sec. We’ve got a plastic waste dump the size of many Texases in the North Pacific and probably in other ocean gyres. We’ve got 2.5 million gallons A DAY flowing into … Continue reading

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Barbara Marx Hubbard and Corinne Mclaughlin on Visionary Culture Radio

Aloha! I am honored and delighted to interview Barbara Marx Hubbard and Corinne Mclaughlin of the Center for Visionary Leadership on Visionary Culture Radio, next Thursday, Earth Day. These two highly intelligent world servers are on a totally dialed in … Continue reading

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