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Subtle Activism on OBO Radio: Intention, Coherence and Reality Creation

The Power Is Within “All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we 
make our world.” ~ Buddha “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit 
a very persistent one.” ~ Albert Einstein “It has taken humanity thousands of … Continue reading

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Occupy Love

Aloha! Wow!!! What an amazing month of activation on the planet! People around the world are ‘occupying’ various places to make a stand for a different way! Many of us solutionaries are feeling the vibe of “love” in all of … Continue reading

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Ocean Robbins on Visionary Culture Radio: Finding Our Authentic Voice in Challenging Times

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN Join host Laura Fox in a timely discussion on how to discover and share our true selves during worldly challenges with Ocean Robbins, Founder & Director of YES! “Helping Visionary Young Leaders Build A Better World” … Continue reading

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This month, more than 40 Evolver Spores will explore how visionary artists and designers can bring about tangible changes to our world. Wed, Nov. 17 As modern civilization hurtles down a path to self-destruction, bands of inspired people are forging … Continue reading

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Anchor The Dream with me at Raw Spirit Festival!

Check it out! You can join Laura Fox at the 2010 Raw Spirit Festival in beautiful, boulderous Prescott, Arizona! Go to to get your ticket and come join the fun! Anchor The Dream takes place Friday, September 24 from … Continue reading

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Our Response Ability :: Gulf Surge, Gyre Waste Dump, etcetera

Aloha! Okay, so let’s think this thru for a sec. We’ve got a plastic waste dump the size of many Texases in the North Pacific and probably in other ocean gyres. We’ve got 2.5 million gallons A DAY flowing into … Continue reading

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The Genopocalypse :: Will Humanity Win The Darwin Awards? Special Show with Health Ranger Mike Adams

This special show with Mike Adams was recorded at his home in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. We dig deep into the question of how human genetic quality has been degrading because of our farming and eating habits. Will humanity pull itself out … Continue reading

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Lightning In A Bottle :: Explosive Edutainment for the SHIFT Culture

Aloha! This coming weekend join me at Lightning In A Bottle! They have tons of entertainment and educatonal next level new paradgm experiences dialed in for our awakening collective. You can listen in to the ON DEMAND ARCHIVE of this … Continue reading

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theCOREcafe debuts at Green Festival, Laura Facilitates Two Conversations

theCOREcafe’ @ Green Festival – April 10/11 Community Organizing Resource Exchange theCOREcafe’ is bringing together community leaders to facilitate conversations that foster collaborations with others around key sector topics at Green Festival this weekend in San Francisco. Come join the … Continue reading

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Raw Vegan Dinner & Gala To Fund Kid’s Venice Basketball League Camp

Aloha! Please join me in celebrating and assisting the expansion of my friend Jon Nash’s important work in the Kid’s Venice Basketball League this Saturday in Venice! Last year, I taught a session on Visionary Stewardship to the kids; raw … Continue reading

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