Created by Laura Chiraya Fox in collaboration with Spirit, Earth, Nature and the Inner Guides, Anchor The Dream is a “subtle activism” playshop that engages participants in “blueprinting” for earthlife based on agendas of our own choosing.

Following the inspiration of the great sages, reality creation teachers, mystics, healers and awakened seers throughout the ages, the Anchor The Dream Experience takes manifestation and the power of the Law of Attraction to the next level.

On the primary level, we may wish to leverage reality creation and manifestation principles for our own personal betterment or well-being. On our heirarchy of needs, we may wish for a better living situation, a new mate, a beautiful career and so on. On a more advanced level, we may wish to create an experience of world-service that allows us to feel we are contributing to the Whole in meaningful ways. For this primary level, we are graced with the same gifts of the Creator that operate on all levels.

As our awareness of our global situation of challenges progresses, and as we awaken to greater compassion for our fellow human, plant and animal beings with whom we share the planet, our desires may also progress. We may wish for a healthier, more sustainable way of life, systems of interaction which express greater coherence and resonance, and methods of commerce and goods distribution that benefits rather than harms the planet, our home.

The Anchor The Dream Experience has been co-created in coordination with Life Itself on behalf of the well-being of all of life. As humankind awakens to its power to create from within, we become the true Visionary Stewards that tells the rest of the Universe that we are ready to grow and aspire as spiritually mature adults.

For more details about the Anchor The Dream Experience and / or to book an Experience in your area, please click here.


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