We Proclaim 2012 To Be A Year of Love

Note: This article written by Laura Fox appeared originally in the One Becoming One Newsletter. Click Here to subscribe.

Hang in there, baby!

The trials and tribulations predicted at this time have both inner and outer aspects. Truly in this year of 2012 we will get to know even more deeply the multi-layered phrase, “It’s an inside job.” Transformation in the world is the direct result of transformation within. This is not easy at times. In fact, it can feel terribly hard and even treacherous to the personality. We don’t necessarily understand why we’ve cultivated the individual and collective karma we may be living through. Marek, the healer who works with Erik Lawyer and the OBO team (producers of ONE: The Event and OBO Radio) says, “Everybody’s going through it.”

On some level, each of us will likely face whatever in us still withholds love from the Self. Self Love becomes the Almighty Focus this year. What parts of us have we kept from love? Sometimes these parts are so hidden or we are so used to them, we don’t know they are there.

However, as Life Itself cascades through us this year, let us allow it to reveal the greater mystery of these hidden places so that from a place of true unconditional love for ourselves, we can also extend that unconditional love to all others. In this realization, in this act of Radical Self Forgiveness and Total Unconditional Love, we are at the absolute HEART of the cauldron of global healing.

Congratulations in advance for your success! May 2012 be a year of transformation, healing, insight, blessings, deep unconditional love, at-one-ment and true embodiment of our powerful visions for an emerging planetary harmony.


About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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