What’s Up with Liberating Our Energy? Luminaries Free Energy Interview

I just got cooler by virtue of my friends. (big grin)

No really, I’m not kidding. And so did you!

Check out this new video produced by my dear friends Kevin Carpenter and the team at Elevate Studios with the Luminaries band. Their new song “Free Energy” features the beautiful singer Aishah.
10:00 am this morning: I’m so inspired by this video that I pick up the phone and call Guido Amore One of the Luminaries for a quick quote for the One Becoming One newsletter. Then J. Brave comes on the line and I capture a few more words. He and Free Will share about the deeper meanings of the video in the context in which we find ourselves these days. The resulting spontaneous interviews, being too long for the OBO newsletter, is posted here.

I want to share a shout-out to Kevin Carpenter, Mikki Willis, Felipe Soares, Will Bystrov and team who made this AWESOME video! Not only is the content dialed, the concept rocks! “It was a truly collaborative effort,” says founder of Elevate Studios Mikki who is honored to be working with such a talented team.


Laura Fox — “So what does this video mean to you Chris, in the context of the Occupy movement and everything that is going down on the planet these days?”

Amore 1

Guido Corleone Amore One aka Chris — “It’s a powerful statement on the current state of energy that exists. It’s time—it’s really time for a shift in the way we generate power—in all the ways that power is created in this country, whether it be what we use as fuel, whether it be how we govern ourselves, whether it be the theories of Nikola Tesla, or whether it be a new way of interacting with each other in the world, it’s really time for a SHIFT in energy and power.”

Laura—“What does the heart have to do with all of this?”
Chris—“The heart is the powerhouse of the body, and I think it’s a good metaphor for these forms of free energy that we talk about in the video. I talk about Nikola Tesla in the video, and Tesla believes that the earth is a conductor of acoustical resonance. If we tap into our hearts the same way Tesla proposes we tap into the heart of the earth, then it’s just another way of generating the human energy of love for change.”

Laura—“J. Brave, how does this video relate to us on the emotional level?”

J. Brave Luminous

J. Brave — “I think the idea that we are not enough or don’t have enough is something we’ve been dealing with for a long time. It has been expressed in monetary terms in this particular paradigm. Even in the area of self-worth, people feel they are “not enough” to be what they want to be in the world. The concept of free energy is freeing up the inner energy inside of us, and we also want to free up the world’s energy so we have the abundance of flow to manifest what we desire—whether its food, or fuel, or water, to take care of the people. We just have to choose to set an inner intention of doing something philanthropic to help humanity with our energy. We just have to shift our attention to these things and how we want to work together.”

Laura—“Free Will, how is this video a part of the solution?”

Free Will

Free Will— “I don’t believe in fighting against anything. I like to stand in peace. It doesn’t mean you make yourself ignorant but simply to find yourself standing in a more peaceful manner, a more intelligent manner.
As the saying goes, cooler heads always prevail. It’s about being more savvy about how you go about creating change. Things are hard for a lot of people. Our energy resources and systems, for example. I mean, come on! No child deserves to go through life witout at least being able to be warm, have water, have food. These are things a human being needs. I feel like that’s something every person should have the right to. Our old paradigm of hoarding, ownership, is not working, it’s not owrking at all. It’s been dying. I don’t know what’s going on on the universal level, but it’s going down. As a spiritual being and as a social activist for ten years, I am aware that it will really benefit a lot of people to have free energy. Some people can get themselves out of homelessness but they can’t keep the heat and lights on. Stress of utility bills has been high.
Our video is making people more aware of what’s really out there. We have been being silenced by the powers that be. The man doesn’t want you to know about these technologies, because the man wouldn’t be the man anymore. If every home used water catchment systems and we recycle our water, that’s a dollar out of the man’s pocket. The man has “little man complex.” I’d like to see an opportunity for various technologies to come forth.  Let’s revisit and reshape how we think of these things, get rid of some of this pollution, and make this a better palce for our children and our childrens children. Native Americans call it living the beauty way. It’s very important. As a musician, traveling and staying with people so often, I’m gonna clean up their house if I’m at somebody’s house. I’m not gonna leave it messier than when I got there. How this relates to energy is, we kicked up some shit. Nuclear power — that’s not going to biodegrade for a long time. That’s what we are gonna be remembered by. “Weren’t they foolish?” That’s what is going to be in history at some point when another being comes to this planet in the future. Like, wow, these people were smart, they had all this and still, they didn’t realize that all you needed was a certain technology to power everything? We have made things much more difficult than what they need to be. By releasing some of the patents on alternative energy tools, we can get back to that creative space and be close to the Creator. Creating is from the Creator. With the image and Light of the Most High, we can create in a better way.

Free Energy Video :: Luminaries featuring Aishah


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Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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