Occupy Love


Wow!!! What an amazing month of activation on the planet! People around the world are ‘occupying’ various places to make a stand for a different way!

Many of us solutionaries are feeling the vibe of “love” in all of this-and imagining new ways to frame collective action, from ‘protest’ to ‘pro-motion’-Promoting our way into the NEW positive ways. Clearly there is much to ‘go against’ yet as we push against old energies, with hatred and anger, it can have the default effect of simply making them stronger. How can we both stand up for what we want instead, ie, a different money system that is just and based on ecological principles of flow and abundance, while also doing our spiritual work of self-responsibility for our predicament, and forgiveness of self and all others who have all together been responsible for these manifestations? Can we really change things through hatred and anger, or is that the old way that has run out of steam?

That’s why I want to highlight the Occupy Love Movement in this transmission. What fantastic food for thought! Please tune in with Occupy Love and see what kinds of things people are thinking, about the ‘new activism,’ where we do what needs to be done from a place of non-resistance and love.



Many blessings!!
Love, Laura


About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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