New Video Up :: Raw Brahs Meet XGym

Check it out! 3 hunky raw food brothers ‘feel the burn’ at XGym, my friend PJ’s super intense workout facility in Seattle.

PJ studying all the research about building muscles and nerves, and came up with this amazing protocol. “Failure is your friend,” says PJ. It’s all about going til you can’t go any more… Then your muscles say, “dude, we need to get stronger!” Since he switches protocols every seven weeks, your nerves say, “dude, we need to keep learning,” and therefore, while the nerves are perpetually “in training,” the muscles have no choice — they must get stronger and denser but can’t get bulkier because the nerves are still taking the attention by needing to focus on mastering the new routine. Also, the low weight methodology disallows micro-tears in the muscle, also responsible for big bulk, but not necessarily healthy.

The Raw Brahs, “On a Mission Not Yet Discovered,” enjoy a mostly raw diet. They are currently traveling the country making vids and wowing folks everywhere with their truly buff tricks, skills, smiles and humor.

What does this Fox say? Well, truly, I found my body get stronger after just three sessions! No kidding!! Super cool stuff.



About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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