Global Solutions Interactive Webcast

ONE: The Event

Global Solutions Interactive Webcast

Friday and Saturday, September 9 & 10, 2011
Streaming Live from the University of Washington, Seattle

View Webcast By Clicking Here At Show Time ::
• Leave a few minutes ahead to log on
• Viewable Live & On Archives with Interactive Functionality
• Details below schedule

Friday, September 9

10:00am – 12:30pm
Friday Morning Speaker Session: Emcees Rachel Bagby & Mikki Willis
Speakers: Barbara Marx Hubbard, Fredric Lehrman, John Robbins, Rachel Bagby
Moderator: Sheri Herndon
Focus—Your Participation

5:30pm – 8:00pm
Friday Afternoon Speaker Session: Emcees Rachel Bagby & Mikki Willis
Speakers: Lindsay Wagner, Ocean Robbins, James O’Dea with Dr. Pat Bacilli.
Focus—Personal Empowerment

Saturday, September 10

10:30am – 12:30pm
Saturday Morning Speaker Session: Emcees: Rachel Bagby & Mikki Willis
Speakers: James Twyman, Mikki Willis, Sylvia Clute
Moderators: Daniel Sunjata
Focus—Community Solutions

1:30pm – 4:00pm
Saturday Afternoon Speaker Session: Emcees: Rachel Bagby & Mikki Willis
Speakers: Brooke Medicine Eagle, John Perkins, Masaru Emoto, Nassim Haramein
Moderator: Greg Wendt
Focus—Global Visioning

ONGOING: Special Feature Webcast Presentations
You will be able to select from these outstanding presentations by luminaries also dedicated to the upliftment of our world. Their talks are specially made for ONE: The Event to assist in further addressing the crucial issues of our day. Click Here for the menu, or click the link upon every webcast intermission to view lnks.
Peter Ragnar, Vernon Sylvest, Damanhur, Burzynski

Our robustly interactive Global Solutions Webcast features One To The World’s stellar webcasting platform.

We at ONE: The Event feel the Time Is Now for us to engage one another as a family of humanity, to solve our challenges together.

This is why this outstanding platform has been selected to help you meet people and take the conversation into further development so we can begin to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION to create a world based on harmony, love and well-being.

Through this visionary portalway you will be able to ::

1) Enjoy Speaker Presentations with two viewable screens, including their presentation materials

2) Choose whether you want to view their image or the second screen, or both

3) Enjoy the SuperChat Function with Luminaries moderating the chats ::

Dr. Dream
Brad Morris / Cowabunga Life
Carol Fitzpatrick

and others will be online to chat with you and the community, in 3 focused conversational topics

4) Ask questions, share comments, give feedback

Brought to you by ONE: The Event


About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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