What Do Forgiveness & Unconditional Love Really Mean?

Forgiveness and unconditional love point to Reality as opposed to illusion. We have co-created a conditional experience of reality based on beliefs, habits, emotional reactions, and our limited perceptions. This has been going on in the human experience for a very long time. The true nature of reality cannot be changed, altered or programmed. Love exists as the pure positive foundation of all of creation, no matter what we humans decide to do with our free will while we are here on earth. The Universe is set up to be a Loving Universe. Anything that does not vibrate with love, begins to disintegrate.To help us learn this lesson from the inside out there are Universal Laws. This is like a template or pattern upon which everything operates-the base operating system of creation.

The Law of Life is ‘as we sow, so shall we reap.’ As we take further steps into realizing the true meaning of this, we begin to realize it’s relationship to forgiveness.  If nothing can get to us except that we set it into motion, then the forgiveness  is ‘giving up the old for the new,’ and taking personal responsibility for what shows up in our lives. This is a radical concept and not easily understood if we subject ourselves to a philosophy that does not include past lives. Also our genetic lineage, affecting our dna, and our experiences in this lifetime, coupled with actions from past lives, create a ‘vibrational template,’ a veritable filter through which the divine cosmic energy of God-Life-Love must express every time we think, act, feel and imagine.

Thus the right use of our self-expression gifts from the divine becomes the paramount study for humankind, in righting the wrongs of the past, and correcting the errors created from our own non-loving thoughts, feelings and actions. Without understanding the connection of forgiveness to past lives and the imprints of our genetic lineage, it is very hard to grock that forgiveness is possible under certain circumstances. “The buck stops here” becomes our new motto when we realize our own responsibility in creation, and say YES to working with great awareness and full cooperation with the Law of Life. The Law of Life doesn’t work sometimes and not others. It is a Universal Law. For those of us lucky enough to realize this, we can begin to gain a foothold over our own thinking, feeling, actions and imagination-Every moment, not just some moments-and thereby reclaim custodianship of our own vehicles, choosing continually love and forgiveness of everything that comes our way from a place of true widsom.

Questions? Feel free to write in and ask whatever is most puzzling about this. It’s time we dig in and really get it, collectively and individually. I am doing my best to continually create divine awareness of my thoughts, actions, words and imaginations. It is an ardent task and a beautiful discipline. Justice “just is.” Unconditional love for ourselves and others as we all come to learn the truth behind this is true compassion.

Laura Chiraya Fox


About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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