Message From The Star Elders—The Time Is Now To Recalibrate Into The New

© 2011 Laura Chiraya Fox All Rights Reserved

Note from Laura: The Star Elders of the Council of Human Enlightenment have begun to share Messages for Humanity with me. Here is the first to come out publicly. Enjoy!

This is a time of great shifting both inner and outer. The inner promptings to do and be the YOU that you came here to be are STRONG. If you find yourself feeling this without a tether to a seemingly stable platform of REALITY to support it, do not fear or worry. The time is coming soon when it will be much easier to LIFT OFF from the old and begin being and living the NEW with much greater ease and clarity.

Simply realign with your intention to fulfill your mission, to achieve your goals and to be and do all that is in your heart, from that great well of love that birthed and sustains you. Remember-all is well! At the deepest, corest level, all is truly well. Remember this as the shifts and changes and awareness surface to REVEAL the truth- Of who we are, of where we come from, and of what has REALLY been happening on the earth.

We are the ones we have been waiting for, and as we open the doors of our truest inner heart’s calling, and begin to set in motion the healing that will allow us to step into it fully, we will come to realize the perfection of the timing and divine order of the Grand Scheme of Things.

We do not say this without great COMPASSION for the many energies surfacing, clearing and recalibrating old patterns which are seeming to be at CAUSE to great suffering on the planet. Simply know that all is well on the deepest levels as the old energies ‘sort out’ in this Great House Cleaning that is underway. We do not mean to diminish the vastness of the impact of these energies on the people of earth. It is simply that a CYCLE IS COMPLETING. As this cycle completes, know that anything which is not in alignment with the truth of who you are, individually, collectively and at the soul level, is up for examination and review. This means that outworn relationships, modes of being, habits, old anxieties, fears and hatreds, and any energies unsupportive of your true inner calling are getting sorted out and transformed. This process may seem painful to the mind however, believe and know that it is a blessing and a gift. You Who are eternal beings shall, from your lofty transcendent perspective, one day look back on all the challenges and Give Thanks. For now, simply know that you are supported, you are loved, and you are called into the Great Alignment which is underway, revealing your unity in your diversity, and the great cosmic plan which is unfolding.

All is well!
The Star Elders


About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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