Sustainable Feast Chef Showcase Features Raw Gourmet Samples at Earth Day SF


Nutiva, Raw Bay Area & Best of Raw Present A Full Day of “The Sustainable Feast At San Francisco’s New Downtown Civic Center Plaza Earth Day Festival, Earth Day SF

Civic Center Plaza, Downtown San Francisco  •  April 23, 2011  •  10 am to 6 pm

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SAN FRANCISCO—New on the Earth Day scene and now a member of the Earth Day Network,  Earth Day SF has a mission to assist in the wake up call for ecological restoration. Issues being addressed include the impact of food production on our planet’s ecology through a “Sustainable Feast” Seven Recipe Raw Chef Food Prep Demo Series and a talk by Best of Raw Founder, Laura Fox. Sponsored by hemp, coconut and chia superfoods company NUTIVA and others, the Sustainable Feast Chef Showcase is an activity within the Earth Day SF experience at which participants can taste delicious raw vegan gourmet foods and specialty drinks which are both satisfying and eco-savvy.

With our collective food habits having such a large impact on the environment, Earth Day SF has invited Raw Bay Area [Heather Haxo Phillips] and Best of Raw [Laura Fox] to present a full day of raw gourmet food demos with leading raw chefs, called “The Sustainable Feast.” “The conversation around the impact on the planetary ecology of our food habits has not yet truly begun. By adding more raw organic foods to the diet, humanity can greatly reduce our ecological footprint,” says Best of Raw Founder Laura Fox. Laura will share more details about how adding more organic raw foods to our diets can help us do our part to clean up the environment in a talk Saturday afternoon around 5 pm in the Eco Speaker’s Tent.

Lead Sponsor NUTIVA is making this special Earth Day SF feature possible, with the gracious assistance of ingredients donations from Earth Circle Organics,  Artisana / Premier Organics, Transition Nutrition / Divine Organics,  and Rainbow Grocery. House Kombucha is also helping to bring this fun, educational and tasty experience to the public.

Chefs will prepare seven fun and delicious raw foods recipes for Earth Day SF participants to enjoy throughout the day: Jennifer Cornbleet: Flourless Chocolate Cake; Heather Haxo Phillips: Sauerkraut; Chef Belive: Mock Salmon Salad, Patti Searle: Rainbow Salad; Lisa Books-Williams: Easy Squash Hummus; The Cook and Butler: The Green Dream Smoothie; Diana Stobo: Goji Mojo Chip Shake. Participants will be able to taste samples and observe how to make the recipes. A recipe e-book will be made available for free.

“The Bay Area is booming with raw foods activities that promote a healthy lifestyle and a healthy planet. Folks in this region love foods of all kinds. This way of eating is a new twist on creating a healthy menu which is also ecologically sound,” says founder of Raw Bay Area, Heather Haxo Phillips.


Diana Stobo is a speaker, culinary artist, raw food advocate and a two time award-winning author of “Get Naked Fast! A guide to stripping away the foods that weigh you down” and her second book “Naked Bliss: Naughty and Nutritious Dairy Free Milkshakes” Once weighing 247 pounds, Diana has dedicated 10 years of studying nutrition to educate and empower others on the advantages of a raw food lifestyle through the lens of food as medicine. Diana regularly conducts instructional sessions as a wellness coach to individuals, at major corporations, local natural markets, wellness festivals, spas, medical and health facilities. Find out more at

Shivie Cook and Cemaaj Butler are passionate and dynamic vegan raw food chefs. In 2010 they formed The Cook & Butler, All Things Vegan. Shivie overcame health problems and obesity when she left her life as an international corporate lawyer and changed her diet and lifestyle. She is now dedicated, along with her partner Cemaaj, to sharing the knowledge of her journey in a way that is accessible to everyone whatever their current diet/lifestyle. Teaching a philosophy of pursuing Health rather than dictating a particular diet, Shivie and Cemaaj conduct workshops, cater private events and offer personal chef services. Based in San Francisco they are committed to changing the health of the world one person at a time. Find out more at

Lisa Books-Williams is an award-winning raw food chef and a certified Green Chef instructor through Greenivore. Lisa enjoys promoting the concept of “joyful eating” and has been conducting living foods preparation and vegan cooking classes through her company Holistic Therapeutic Care in the Pleasanton, CA and surrounding areas for the past seven years. Lisa also founded the Tri-Valley Vegetarian Society and hosts regular potlucks and events. Additionally, Lisa is a nationally Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and has brought therapeutic vegan cooking classes and raw/”live” food preparation classes to persons with disabilities in institutionalized care and at-risk youth. More info at

Patti Searle, a professional chef and caterer in the South Bay area, is the owner of Thrivin’ Edibles. An enthusiastic consumer and creator of living plant-based foods for over 5 years, Patti, a graduate of the prestigious Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, finds her self-expression in creating beautiful, healthy food. She says being in the kitchen is akin to being in an art studio.

Patti also finds great joy in showing others how to make simple, and delicious living foods for everyday consumption, and provides classes throughout the San Francisco Bay area, through Café Gratitude, Whole Foods Markets, and private homes. Find out more at

Brian James Lucas (Chef BeLive) was executive chef and co-owner of Organica: The Living Cuisine, which was located in San Francisco in 1998-99. He has made food for many celebrities, politicians and athletes and is one of the pioneers of the 90’s gourmet raw living cuisine movement. He received #1 Best Gourmet Raw Chef award of 2010. He specializes in making raw living cuisine taste superb and considers himself a “transitional” gourmet raw living chef, helping make peoples 1st experience equal to many of their favorite cooked meals. You can currently find his Mom’s Stuffed Bells recipe featured in Carol Alt’s new raw food book The Raw 50. Find out more about Brian “Belive” Lucas at

Heather Haxo Phillips is an accomplished raw vegan food chef and event organizer. Through Raw Bay Area, Heather offers raw food coaching, classes and special events to inspire and educate people about the power of raw food. Heather is a certified raw food chef/instructor and graduate of the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute. She is a primary raw food instructor for the Bay Area’s leading raw restaurant Café Gratitude, as well as several Whole Foods markets in the area. She is also a certified Iyengar Yoga instructor, teaching in the East Bay and helping people to build their total health. Visit for more information.

Jennifer Cornbleet is a nationally recognized raw food chef and instructor, and long-time faculty member at the respected Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in California. Jennifer’s first book, Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People, focuses on providing maximum flavor with minimum effort, and features recipes specifically designed to yield just one or two servings. Jennifer’s second book, Raw for Dessert, offers ideas for dozens of delicious favorites – including cookies, cakes, pies, ice creams, and candies. The recipes are made without dairy, sugar, flour, or processed ingredients of any kind. For more information about Jennifer Cornbleet, visit

The founders of Earth Day SF are Green Zone Productions , One World-One Voice and Empowerment Works, the Presenting Sponsors are MITSUBISH MOTORS and Santa Cruz Organic and the event is produced in cooperation with the National Organization for Women, Living Mandala, Solar Living Institute, Raw Bay Area, Visionary Culture, Sustainable Living Roadshow, and with the support of Harmony Festival, Global Exchange, Green Festivals, Earth Island Institute,, Green Kids, Teens Turning Green, Grind for the Green / Green For All, Hope and Beyond and more.

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Nutiva is the lead sponsor for this event
Heather of Raw Bay Area is the lead producer for this event
Laura Fox of Best of Raw is the originating producer and sponsor coordinator for this event
House Kombucha is a supporting sponsor for this event
Earth Circle Organics is providing ingredients for the Chefs
is providing ingredients for the Chefs
Divine Organics / Transition Nutrition is providing ingredients for the Chefs
Rainbow Co-op is providing ingredients for the Chefs

About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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