Remember What Time It Is?

Remember? It is time to send pure love, pure light all around the world, to all countries, all people, all the animals, all the plants and the entire planet. Our light and our love wash the planet with truth and ‘just is’. We are the light, we send the light, we receive the light. we are the love, we send the love, we receive the love. Love will wash, awaken and heal all.

The simplicity and power of this shall not be underestimated. It is a divine action we can take in service to our world and to the awakening and healing of all beings everywhere. We are in this way aligning with the highest truth that is our divine birthright as wayshowers and key stewards of this planet. All can benefit from giving in this manner. Giver and receiver benefit equally. Remembering this simple act of giving love and light all around the world in our meditations is one of the most beautiful, easily accessible keys in our awakening process. Bliss forth with this love and this light remembering that it is your true nature.

Remember to include the animals, the plants, the children and all those who are ill and in war torn areas, in areas of great conflict, pain or suffering or entrenched negativity of any kind. Simply bathe them in the light and love and know that this is a real, beautiful act that has impact on the subtle planes. Resist any doubt or doubters about this simple, beautiful act and it’s power. This is part of the great remembrance of who we really are and what we came forth to the planet for.

The natural world is our true home. We have constructed things and places and ways of being which have served to greatly disconnect us from our mother planet and her love and energy. As we begin to bask in the love and light that we are, we can become further replenished by sitting on the earth and enjoying the beautiful spaces and places in nature. Remember to send your healing energies to the waters, the earth itself, the soil, the insect kingdom, all the plants in their natural genetic state. In this way, you become a Visionary Steward, living up to your true dharma as a world server.

Remember that life is much easier and more graceful in its inward essence than we have formerly made it out to be. Even though the tumultuous nature of the world’s earth changes, of world affairs, of systems crumbling and relationships changing can have it’s toll on us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, our job is to hold the high watch, to remember that everything which is happening now is happening as part of a divine awakening, and that as we hold to the beauty of the new life and light coming to the planet, as we nurture and cherish the positive, the light hearted, the kind and the good acts, people, places and things in our lives, forgiving all that is not of that vibration with great compassion, we will literally be a part of the energy field that is uplifting all of humanity and nature to a new understanding of who we are including our divine destiny. This is your birthright. Many blessings on your path!


About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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