How To Prepare When The Shift Is Hitting The Fan: Spiritual Safety 101

As we move forward into our shifting times, we have the opportunity to connect deeply with the consciousness of the planet and our own Source. This is the key. Staying out of fear and staying in love is the key also. Being in true communion – communication – through the subtle channels of our true nature and our relaxed connectivity-ability, we will be guided, for ourselves particularly, and if we are clear instruments, we will receive clear guidance to assist others in getting clear. The fear frequency simply downgrades our energetic response systems. It is not necessary to amplify into fear, simply to tune in to love and divine communion. Remember that this is also a time to forgive everyone, including ourselves; the age of the eye for an eye is over. The time is now to dig deep, to pray  and connect like never before, to receive the visions for our own true pieces of the puzzle we are carrying, and to engender the willingness in ourselves and others to ‘step up to the plate’ of unconditional love, divine service, and readiness for aligned, intuitive action. Team work is the key. There are no opposites or enemies in this teamwork; only those who are currently aligned with harmonious relations and those who are on their way there. We can move ahead loving all and accepting all as we discern who, what is currently aligned with our own desire for unity and harmony, while extending that love, service, and divine devotion on the inner planes to those who are coming behind us, preparing to access that unity consciousness. Be brave hearted, know that all is well,know that you are guided, and love yourself completely. This is your safety net.

This is truly the message of the day… thanks for reposting. It’s time for us to remember… i feel that everyone has a certain role to play and it’s up to each one of us to feel into that role.

In these shifting times, it may be that the quake or the flood or the fire or… whatever it is, never happens in our area because of the energy of the intention we collectively hold.

Or it may be that we are meant to experience this in the process of ‘waking up.’ Some times humans have to learn from being shaken up, especially when the foundations of separation and fear are so deeply entrenched as to cause us to be frozen against action for our own good and our community’s greatest good. We can pray for and meditate on the highest, most stabilizing, kind and gentle awakening, and we should be doing this daily! With great love and simplicity and humility.

Since there are so many factors at play, so many variables and so many very large, complex orchestrations for the awakening of consciousness, that is why it’s so important for each of us to really tune in and follow guidance instead of fear… not to resist the times but embrace them. In embracing and not resisting, in sitting with the silence and calling upon the truth of our own essential essence to guide us, we ARE doing what we came here to do, and living what we came here to live. We become instruments of the Divine, servants of the Mother planet, in service to all her children—plants, animals, oceans, rivers, trees, humans…

The grand adventurer in us KNOWS this is what we were born for… this is our destiny… our destiny is NOT to slave away at jobs that are meaningless, pumping out actions that feed a destructive economy and a voracious self-serving system. Our destiny is to REMEMBER who we truly are, to EMBRACE our fears, and to LIVE each moment as if it were our last, feeling into the perfect next action, always aware of our SOURCE that is pure love, and always aware that we are in fact, eternal beings of that pure love.

The idea in any and every situation we encounter in these times is not to spread or buy into  fear … all we need do is simply to raise awareness, so we can collectively hold a field of intention to cause the necessary shifts in consciousness which will allow mal-intents to release into the nothingness. The mal-intents come from a long lineage of self-deceipt which won’t be corrected overnight but which can begin to melt as each of us holds a space of divine unconditional love for all even as we hold a vision of a new way, of harmony, sustainability and divine love on our beautiful planet. Imagination plus action = planetary transformation. action without regret, retribution or judgement = a divine commitment to living our true dharma. What actions can we take to shift this? if it doesn’t seem easy start in your own mind and heart with a visualization of clear, clean skies, pure air, and a healed, awakened humanity. know that this is so. Ask yourself :: what does a clear, clean sky look and feel like to me? Leverage the power of your imagination towards manifestation. we are way more potent than we think… When we stay out of polarity, we leverage the highest intelligence in existence and simply shift the energies….


About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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