Going To See Vegan BodyBuilder Robert Cheeke in Northern Virginia

I’m looking forward to seeing my good friend vegan bodybuilder Robert Cheeke at the Northern Virginia Raw Food Potluck today.

I’m making Cupuacu milk (theobroma grandiflorum) with wild jungle peanuts, dates, mesquite and vanilla powder, sea salt & bananas. I will strain the peanuts and cupacu (coopwasoo) milk first then blend in the rest of the stuff. Will post recipe later!


Robert is such an awesome guy. We first met at the Raw Film Festival in Hollywood, and then he worked on many events with me. Robert is an event producer as well and he always shows up with so much love, enthusiasm, inspiration and assistance. He worked with me on the Raw Games, the Raw Union Festival and at Raw Spirit Festival a couple years back.

Check him out at http://RobertCheeke.com

Here are some pics of Robert and also some pics of both of us competing in the Raw Games in 2008 in Hawaii. I came in second in the women’s sprint! 😉 Note Nick Good and Ra Weisman surprised at my fast sprint! That was a fun event. Perhaps we’ll bring back the Raw Games one day.


About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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2 Responses to Going To See Vegan BodyBuilder Robert Cheeke in Northern Virginia

  1. james5555 says:

    That looks like great times! There certainly appeared to be a lot of love and raw food support at the raw games!

    James Reno

  2. Hiral says:

    It is very inspiring to see someone who is a vegan achieve a great body. If you can share what his diet is like, it would be great. Thank you.

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