Our Response Ability :: Gulf Surge, Gyre Waste Dump, etcetera


Okay, so let’s think this thru for a sec.

We’ve got a plastic waste dump the size of many Texases in the North Pacific and probably in other ocean gyres.

We’ve got 2.5 million gallons A DAY flowing into the Atlantic via the irreparably damaged Gulf floor.

Not to mention the hundreds of thousands or more TONS of waste going into all the landfills every day in our country alone.

And that plastic shows up in mother’s milk and human/animal tissues around the globe.

ARE WE GONNA DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT? …ie, respond? On our own behalf and on behalf of the planet?

* I’m just curious *

Potential Action Step #1: Refuse to purchase anything that comes in a plastic container of any kind, no matter what.

Potential Action Step #2: Make videos and post of our process of ‘not buying stuff in plastic’ to show others how we manage to do it.

Gulf Surge

Potential Action Step #3: Get a deisel car and start running biodeisel. Sure, it’s not the best solution ultimately, however, … gasoline? I don’t think so. Not under these circumstances….

Potential Action Step #4: Pray, meditate and visualize every day for us humans to wake up; for the gulf floor to be fixed; and for the plastic & oil pollution to stop on this planet.

Potential Action Step #5 : Find out what is really going on in the Gulf and the Gyre. Educate ourselves fully and take responsibility for our own part of the mess.

Potential Action Step #6: Do a Total Personal Assessment. Where do your personal values, ethics and integrity diverge from your personal daily actions? Share this with others. Talk about it, and start coming up with solutions for collective alignment with our values, ethics and integrity for a clean and healthy planet. Post these findings for all to consider and benefit from.

Potential Action Step #7: Share your thoughts about where we are in the ‘danger zone’ of ecological disaster with other sleepy heads. Lovingly tickle their toes into awakening so we can collectively RESPOND.

Will Humanity Win The  Darwin Awards?
Will humanity win the darwin awards?

Potential ACtion Step #8: Do a cleanse of your liver, gallbladder and colon. Go on a juice fast. Get your system optimized and your immune system strong for times ahead. Whatever happens, however things shake down… this is important.

Potential Action Step #9: Simplify your life. Get rid of belongings you don’t need, and stop purchasing things that don’t truly add unto your life.

Potential Action Step #10: Appreciate Everyone and Everything. Stay in the attitude of gratitude even while we sort out these messes.

Potential Action Step #11: Reassess what we are doing on a daily … See Morebasis. Do our tasks reflect our highest personal priority structure> Are we stepping up and being able to respond and be of service in the ways each of us were designed to do? If not, what are the obstacles? How can we release the blockages to showing up with our true dharma now? Share our findings.

Potential Action Steps #12is a step that shows the Universe we have our thinking caps on :: start gathering organic non-gmo seed and planting food. If you can’t do that join a CSA and get to know regional farmers. Start learning about wild edibles. Explore alternative energy for your personal consumption.

Potential Action Steps #13 I say this with all due respect: My sense is the Universal Intelligence that Is is also CURIOUS about how we are going to RESPOND in this scenario. We need the Universe to back us up. If the Universe determines we are complete and total idiots we may not appear to be worthy of saving and/or assisting. So I suggest we call upon the Universe, apologize, and ask for help. Really important step.

* Oh My *

I really do have total respect for ‘us.’

If we consider this honestly we’ll probably realize that we have ALL known for a long time that our way of life is not sustainable.

It’s not easy changing habits, especially on a collective scale. At this point, however, we would certainly be sending signals to the Cosmosphere that we are ready to win the Darwin Awards and become extinct as a species if we fail to respond with action, intelligence and insight, intuition, habit changes and diligence.

So I say, let’s go for it.

Let’s support each other in making these difficult changes.

And let’s share our process of making them so others can benefit around the globe.

And to ground this a little for us, here’s what I am personally doing today.

1) starting a clease,

2) writing these potential action steps,

3) publishing this as an article on my blog at http://rawinspirations.com/ and in my http://www.visionaryculture.com ezine,

4) booking a show with an engineer who is making proposals to solve the gulf mess to various  groups

5) booking a series of shows on alternative energy solutions,

6) meditating on my highest priority structure and asking the Universe to reshuffle the deck according to the highest good.

7) I think I’ll make this post into an FB page too so people can find it and interact with it more long term.

8) I’m considering creating a WEBSITE that would help us track each other’s efforts, learn from them, and become more empowered to take these and more necessary action steps together. I’m thinking of calling it COMMUNITY ALIGNMENTS, CATALYZE-RESPONSE or RESPONSE-ABILITY. Thoughts? Input? Want to help?

ALL of us may or may not do ALL of those action steps, however, I would venture to say that ALL of us could do AT LEAST ONE of those action steps to get things rolling and/or could come up with another creative response action step that we could take. We ALL have the capacity to share what we are doing, share this note, and share other sites and ideas to people here on Facebook, to our personal lists, and to our families, to benefit, activate and empower the whole One/Many we are at this time. 😉

THANK YOU for your action steps, your thoughtfulness, and your sharing.

We can do it

Loe and Blessings!

Laura Fox
Akala Kokua

Laura Fox


About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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  1. Fran says:

    Laura you’re awesome, thank you for writing this x

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