NYC Cacao Contest Winners & Thank You’s!


We are endlessly grateful to all sponsors, volunteers, judges, sponsors, the venue host Organic Avenue,  the chefs and participants at Best of Raw Truly Raw Cacao Recipe Contest & Awards Party yesterday in New York City!

Produced by Laura Fox of Visionary Culture and Best of Raw, this high vibe event rawked NYC with gracious activations by Parashakti, tunes from Randy Stern and Fun Yung Moon, talks by Vanessa Barg of Gnosis Chocolates, Sylvia Clute Beyond Vengeance, Beyond Duality, Frederick Schilling of Big Tree Farms, and featuring 25 recipes made by 18 chefs with Truly Raw Balinese Cacao Butter and Powder sourced from Big Tree Farms and provided by Earth Circle Organics and Essential Living Foods.

12 Judges tasted the recipes to determine the Show Favorites in Five Cacaotegories, plus the Overall Show Favorite, all listed below.

In this post :: Special Thanks, Sponsors, Award Winning Chefs & Recipes, Prizes

See for the most up to date and detailed info.

The Best of Raw Truly Raw Cacao Recipe Contest brings to light issues of raw foods industry standards, labeling integrity while supporting inter-company harmony to help the raw foods movement become as strong of a global leader and role model and possible for this SHIFT TIME back to sustainability, harmony and economic fairness on the planet. 🙂

So many people helped make this event a great success and SO MUCH FUN!!


Raw Chef Dan ::
Brother I am endlessly grateful for your welcoming energy and support! Thank you!
Quintessence Restaurant

Echo Robeson RAW SANGHA :: ECHOOOOOOOO!!! You are such a blessing! Thanks so much for your Media Sponsorship — your time, attention to detail, your humor, powerful voice, your technical agility, flexibility and patience! Can’t wait to see your work online.






Frecia Barrozo ::
Frecia you RAWK!! Galactivated superhero assistance of the highest order!

Sara Paul ::
Divine gifts of song, massage, connectivity and highest order service!

Parashkti ::
Opening and Closing Ceremony and Awesome Facial Expressions while Judging! Your enthusiasm, attention to detail and ceremonial sacred-playful space-holding is EPIC babe!

Leigh Crizoe ::
THANK YOU for bringing the sound system!!!

Rhio ::
THANK YOU for sharing the protein song!

Dhrumil Purohit & Philip McCluskey ::
Thanks for spreading the word on We Like It Raw and for your powerful words during the event! (Philip thanks for doing the math bro!)

Mia Andres ::
Oh My Goddess thank you Mia for the Divine Space of Love* you hold at Organic Avenue!

Denise Mari ::
Thank you Goddess for creating the platform of space at Organic Avenue and sharing your words of love and wisdom with us!

Doug Evans ::
Thanks for your energetic support of this powerful event and the RAWSOME platform at!

Paul S. Mamakos ::
For your endless support and enthusiasm, I am truly grateful!

Jamie Graber & Lora Krulak ::
Blessings Goddesses for your rawsome pre-during-post event support and total enthusiasm!

Chris from Live-Live ::
THANK YOU for your support!

Mark Becker & Shiquala ::
THANK YOU for your promotional assistance!!!

Randy Stern ::
Randy we love your music! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

Fun Yung Moon ::
Bro thanks so much for throwin’ down the tunes and driving all the way from the west coast to make it in time for the event! We love you!!!

Steve Prussack, Bunny Berry & Everyone who helped promote this event ::
Thanks so much for helping us spread the word!

Will Roundy & Christopher Coconutty ::
Thanks so much for your pre-production support!

CHEFS :: You rawk!
Daniel Sklaar, AJ Wentworth, Colleen Cackowski, Richard Helmsley, Lora Krulak,    David Kaplan, Lisa Books-Williams, Mark Roth, Leah Rinaldi, Mary Fraser, Jennifer Yane, Amanda Young, Anthony Anderson, Justin Feldman, Todd  Bjornson, Brian Lucas

JUDGES :: Thanks for sharing your time, love, attention, humor & embodied enjoyment!
Raw Chef Dan, Sylvia Clute, Rhio, Leigh Crizoe, Philip McCluskey, Parashakti, Katie Arnold, Ali, Mark Becker, Latham Thomas, Paul Mamakos, Vanessa Barg, Dhrumil Purohit

TEAM :: Collaboration to the next level, thank you all!
Frecia Barrozo, Wayne Hoover, Fun Yung Moon, Leigh Crizoe, Raw Chef Dan, Echo Robeson, Randy Stern, Sara Paul, Jamie Graber, Wayne Hoover, Will Roundy plus Lee, Gigi, and everyone at Organic Avenue


TITLE SPONSORS :: Thank you for making this event possible and for all your support!

Big Tree Farms ::
Ben Ripple and Frederick Schilling

Essential Living Foods ::
Kipp Stroden, Amrit Khalsa, Michael Harleman, Ben O’Dell & Team

Earth Circle Organics / Earth Family Food ::
Eric Botner & Lora Willis & Team


MateriaOrganica & Omica Organics :: Raffi & Matt

OmGym :: Sarah Kellet

Rawvolution :: Matt Amsden & Janabai Owens-Amsden

RawSangha :: Echo Robeson

David Kaplan :: Transition Nutrition & Divine Organics


OmGym ::

MateriaOrganica & Omica Organics ::

Vital Hemptations :: Rony Alcalay

High Country Kombucha :: SteveO & Team

Rawvolution ::

Big Tree Farms, Essential Living Foods, Earth Circle Organics/Earth Family Food

These events are SO MUCH FUN!

>>> To SPONSOR our next event, volunteer, become a part of the team, or take part in any way, please contact We are looking at the possibility of a San Francisco event. We will be posting more info on our next events soon! We are planning three ::

1) Raw Chef Off “I-Raw Chef”

2) Truly Raw Cacao SF? Maybe!!!

3) 2010 Best of Raw Annual December Awards Celebrating & Honoring Key Leaders of the Raw Foods Movement


All the recipes were OFF THE CHARTS! The Judges had an amazing chocolatey experience!

Overall Show Favorites ::

1st Place / Overall Show Favorite :: Dessert Category

David Kaplan and Lisa Books-Williams “Mulberry Mousse with White Mulberry Chocolate Crumble and Chocolate Ganache”
PRIZE :: The OmGym Yoga Suspension System

2nd Runner Up :: Savory Category

Justin Feldman “Raw Cacao Chili with Breaded Cacao Onion Rings & Natso Cheezy Sauce”
PRIZE :: Chocolate and Product Gifts from Essential Living Foods, Big Tree Farms and Earth Circle Organics

3rd Runner Up :: Beverage Category
Amanda Young “Heaven On Earth Goddess Nectar”
PRIZE :: Chocolate and Product Gifts from Essential Living Foods, Big Tree Farms and Earth Circle Organics

Category Favorites ::

SAVORY :: Justin Feldman “Raw Cacao Chili with Breaded Cacao Onion Rings & Natso Cheezy Sauce”

PRIZE :: Case, High Country Kombucha

DESSERT :: David Kaplan (Transition Nutrition, Divine Organics) and Lisa Books-Williams “Mulberry Mousse” Dessert Category
PRIZE :: Chocolate and Product Gifts from Essential Living Foods, Big Tree Farms and Earth Circle Organics

LOW GLYCEMIC TREAT :: Colleen Cackowski, Living Light Culinary Arts Institute “Low Glycemic Superfood Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups”
PRIZE :: Vital Hemptations Clothing

Show Favorite Winner Colleen Cackowski (Cacaoski?) of Living Light

BEVERAGE :: Amanda Young

“Heaven On Earth Goddess Nectar”

PRIZE :: Vital Hemptations Clothing

SWEET TREAT :: Todd Bjornson, Zorba’s Chocolates
“Raw Vanilla “Karamel” with Smoked Sea Salt Truffle Recipe”

PRIZE :: Chocolate and Product Gifts from Essential Living Foods, Big Tree Farms and Earth Circle Organics


We had a BLAST tasting and sharing your recipes. The winning recipes will be posted soon, and the entire two show set of recipes will be available in e-book form shortly!

Whew! We did it!

Much love!

Laura Fox and the Team at Best of Raw!



About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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