Biodegradable, Compostable Packing :: Wave of The Future?

One of the most inspiring things about the work of my friend Adam Collins of Superfood Snacks is his leading edge packaging.

Adam has been insistent since the inception of his Superfood Snacks raw vegan healthy superfood treats that his product would come to you in as earth-friendly a manner as possible.

Check out his new video on YouTube about this packaging, and watch how the package biodegrades over a relatively short time!

If we really put our thinking caps on, for real now, we will realize that our planetary ‘trash’ and waste creation habits from packaging and producing packaging MUST STOP.

We are really good as a culture at ‘tucking away’ our waste so we don’t see it. However, it is there… mucking up the Gyres of the oceans, our inland waterways and lands, and causing repurcussions we haven’t yet fully grokked.

I would love to invite us all to REALLY CONSIDER THE IMPLICATIONS of our collective waste/packaging habits and fully ASSESS THE SITUATION we are in as a planet, so that we can begin to MODIFY OUR HABITS.

The simple acts of a) switching to purchasing products that have this type of sustainable packaging,  b) going to farmers markets, getting fresh, unpackaged produce, c) bringing our grocery bags with us to the store all will go a long way — longer than we think, if we ALL do it!

…there are BILLIONS of us! A systemic change is needed. We can self-select ourselves as leaders of this new way of being more in harmony with our planet’s ecology, our sacred commerce and one another.

Let’s go for it, we have a beautiful planet and a GRAND opportunity.

I am totally celebrating Superfood Snack‘s key initiative toward these aims!


About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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