Sound Nourishment Heads East!

Sound Nourishment Heads East!

Sound Nourishment

This event is such a super success! It’s ridiculously fun, energizing, educational and high vibrational. I want to share it everywhere!

I’m heading back to the east coast for the month of December! We have scheduled two rawsome Sound Nourishment Experiences. Check it out!

Friday, December 11
6:30 PM
Boone, NC
$25 pre-paid
$30 at the door
Includes Food Prep Instruction, Meal + Workshop
Holiday Raw Party Treats Prep Class

Thursday, December 17
6:30 PM Richmond, VA
+ Sound Nourishment Experience!
$25 pre-paid
$30 at the door
Includes Food Prep Instruction, Meal + Workshop
Holiday Raw Party Treats Prep Class

The Sound Nourishment Experience combines teachings on how to prepare vegan raw and living foods with a playful, free-form musical and movement experience which creates beautiful community bonds while helping us to access the portions of ourselves which will truly allow sustainable nourishment to feed us body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Sound is the seed of creation, birthing all life into form. Music and movement stimulate the energy flows which cause life to be robust, playful and joyful. Our bodies are the instruments of the Divine, Whose eternal dance dances us. When we nourish ourselves deeply with loving and playful interactions, divine sounds, dance and living foods, we can experience riding the wave of an accelerated spiral toward our goals of enlightenment, joy in co-creation and harmony in our earth walk.

Co-created by Laura Fox + Joey DeRusha, this event will take us to an entirely new relationship with our food while building community and having total fun. Laura Fox facilitates SOUND NOURISHMENT EAST.

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About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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