Book Writing Retreat Rocked the Red Rocks!


I had an amazing, exceptional experience at the Tom Bird Write Your Book in 8 Days retreat in Sedona in October! My book actually morphed into two books. I am in the editing process now, enjoying the process of preparing these for publication.

I highly recommend this retreat—if you’ve got a book in you, Tom will definitely help you get it out! I had been meaning to ‘get around to’ writing my book for five years! With such a busy schedule producing festivals and events and radio shows, I hadn’t had a chance to sit still long enough to do it.

Click HERE to check out Tom’s 2010 retreats!

Laura and her manuscript overlooking the red rocks of Sedona

I often dined at the restaurant owned by my friends Kelly Johnson and Jenn Warr, called The Chocolatree.

Laura at the Chocolatree, an awesome Sedona spot with lots of raw foods

Super Yum Salad at Chocolatree

After the retreat, I visited with my friends Morgan and Puma at their home and retreat center, Grace Grove.

Laura, Morgan and Puma at Grace Grove in Sedona

The working titles are Collaborative Visioning :: Co-creation Through The Resonant Field, and Visioning Together :: New Paradigm Tools for Co-Creation. Not sure what the names will end up as! However, the process continues to be fun, and Tom even taught us about the insider’s scoop on the publishing world, looking at all the choices of how to publish, and getting query letters out to publishers before we even left the retreat.

Tom Bird

Tom was able to hold us in a solid space of movement forward through his techniques which help us get into the “author within connected state.” With a group of mentors who had taken the course before, Tom helped us track our word counts and stay in the ‘fast writing pace’ which allows us to stay a clear channel for our book. The lucidity of the writing is surprising, especially for new writers. Words just start flying out… and they’re good, even on retrospect!

Here’s what happened with all the students at this retreat ::

·         Forty-one students completed a total of forty-three books;

·         Collectively, the group received over 1200 offers from literary agents to potentially represent their books to the top publishing houses in the country;

·         Eleven students were offered contracts from literary agents within three weeks of the retreat;

·         17 agents actually took the time out of their busy schedules to call my students;

·         And one student set a record by actually having over 100 agents interested in potentially representing his first book.

As you can see it was a great retreat.

As a result, Tom has scheduled three retreats in 2010 – March 6-14; June 11-20 and September 18-26.

Check it out. If you have had a feeling there’s a book in you, after this experience, I’m sure there is! And you should go for it.

Tom Bird Retreat Info


Laura Fox


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Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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