Blackberry Sun Shake

I love my life.

I am having a beautiful time creating, organizing the radio show, compiling my new book on raw beverages and another one popped in!

I’m calling it the Blackberry Sun Shake.

Very simple.

blackberry sun shake

Blackberry Sun Shake

Blend together in your VitaMix or other blender ::

5 ounces fresh or frozen blackberries

3 cups sprouted sunflower seed mylk, unstrained

2 bananas

Sunflower Seed Mylk

1 cups soaked and strained sunflower seeds

3 cups spring water or purified water

1 tsp. raw honey

Blend together and do not strain. Very thick, creamy and delicious! The VitaMix or BlendTec will make the shake and the nut mylk very smooth. You can use any blender, but if you don’t strain, there may be a bit of texture in it.

If you want the drink to be less thick, you can strain it with a nut mylk bag. Try Elaina Loves at and tell her I sent you!

Of course all ingredients should be ORGANIC! (Check out this awesome new way to get your organic produce for way less than retail delivered to your door!)

org produce button


About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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