I AM Walking

Christopher Howe is walking to Brazil from LA carrying hundreds o prayers for us all

Wed Nov 4
7 PM pst

by Christopher Howe
I AM Walking i AM walking.

I am walking, running, meditating, praying, transforming my life and yours 6583 miles from Los Angeles to Brazil.

I AM Walking because I AM possible. I AM walking to illuminate OUR infinite potential. I AM walking, each day for 8, 10, 12 hours per day, 2.7 miles per hour, meditating, meeting, speaking and sharing the potential in you and your cause as I walk for me and mine.

As I walk I AM acknowledging and giving thanks for the potential for ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things.

From city to city and town to town, I am walking, right NOW. I AM entering into conversations with, relationships with, connections with you and everyone as I deliver your message and mine to others, for others.
Join US.

As I, You, We, Yes WE, walk, run, wheelchair, roller-skate, or radio-fly down this road we go beyond ourselves and our notions of what is possible.

HERE & NOW we go beyond our ‘reason’, beyond our thinking, seeing what possible in and above our complaints, above and outside our ‘limitations’. outside and through our ‘boundaries’. As I walk, I let go of the pains in my body, exceed physical limits in my life, in our lives, I AM seeing and transmuting what is painful and divisive into what is possible and uniting.

HERE, NOW, we need YOU, writers, musicians, cooks, architects, scientists, doctors, photographers, yoga-practitioners, spiritual practitioners, translators, professors, volunteers, and non-profiteers with the desire to make an extraordinary difference in OUR lives by taking simple steps.

Whether you are on the bus, on the walk, or in your home, stretch and go beyond! See what is Infinite around you, in others, in you and in US. See what could be! See what needs to be solved in a creative way, and let’s stand for that change by raising the awareness and the funds required to be Creators of creative solutions!
Please call us. 360 – 894 – 4412

photo by Isabelle Oliver

Christopher Howe
Founder, President


About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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