Creating Positive Holiday Intentions


What is your intention for this holiday season?

Once again the season of holidays is here, bringing us into a rememberance of ‘that which continues’ in cycles. The cyclical ways of nature and of special events on the human calendar help us to ground out and reflect upon our lives in a deeper way especially during this time of year. The holiday season is not always easy for all of us, as lots of old feelings, family memories, unsatisfied desires and things not quite aligned seem to churn up from the subconscious, and family events, social events, and the deep collective energies of the holidays can get some of us feeling depressed, crazed with shopping and caring for others, or worried about family arguments. For those of us blessed with an absence of this stressful energy I salute you! For those of us who are still subject to the ebb and flow of the intense energies and emotions of this time, I am holding a space of love for us to SHIFT IT this year.

What are holiday patterns from the past? It may be useful to do this week’s challenge in a quiet space at home where you can relax and reflect, to set the stage for your upcoming holiday season, and dial in intentions that are truly aligned with what you really would love to experience. As one of my teachers Howard Wills says, the discomfort, illness and pain in life has roots in the family lineage. When we are able to sort through the myriad feelings that may seem unrelated to our childhood and our family patterns, we start to make the connections, forgive everyone and begin to heal. We can forgive even those who have passed on for holding or carrying forward energies that have had us steeped in any kind of holiday suffering. We also have the collective consciousness of humanity, the massive amount of advertising about how the holidays are supposed to look and feel, what we’re supposed to have, do, give and be during this time. The combination of these things can put an enormous amount of pressure on us, and this stress and pressure can dampen the immune system.

This is probably a great time to make some fresh, healthy organic juices, take baths with aromatherapy, trade massages with a friend, relax deeply, do some introspective work and do what we can to slow the pace of the holiday rush.

It may be a good time to reprioritize based on your current values how you want to spend your holiday time, money and energy. What is really most important to you? What can you do and manage and still stay balanced? Are their family patterns which typically reenact themselves at this time of year? Are you involved or more of a witness? How does this situation usually make you feel? Are you nervous about it happening again?

A little pre-paving of how we want our holiday season to be can be a great boon. While we recognize the energies of the past and work to clear and forgive them through any sort of healing modality, meditation or prayer, we can also launch forth bold new intentions for the delightful holiday season we wish to enjoy.

This week’s challenge :: Does the holiday season make me feel happy, sad or mixed? Do I tend to overtax myself, overreact or over spend during this time? What emotions surface for me when I get stressed during the holidays? Are there feelings of overwhelm, of needing to be more, do more, give more? Is there a sense of not being enough, having enough or fears of disappointing people?

Write out the answers to these questions in a meditative state. Reflect on them, and tune in with Source to do any forgiveness work that is indicated. “Thank you Light for helping me to forgive _______________ for _________________. Thank you for helping ________________ to forgive me. Thank you for helping us forgive ourselves, love ourselves and love each other.” Repeat this with each person as appropriate until you start feeling clearer.

Next, do a little meditation to bring forth your Holiday Season Vision. Drop into your heart, take a deep breath, and sink deeply into your heart space. Ask your Source to help you receive a vision of the good things to come. When you emerge, write these things down. This can become the start of your personal holiday planning guide. What are your motivations? How do you want to feel? How do you want to make others feel? What is your budget? How many parties can you attend and still feel balanced in your daily life? Are you planning a party or gathering? How will it fit into the larger schedule gracefully? Will you be encountering family members who typically ‘go off’ or have a charge at this time? How will you handle this, this year? Will you allow yourself to step out of the pattern in some way? What is the gift you wish to give yourself at this special time, and what gifts do you truly want to give others?

Consider new ideas for gifts in alignment with your pocketbook and your intentions :: maybe it is not about how much money we spend, or how fancy the gift is, but instead, about how meaningful it is, how much it may promote your loved ones in moving forward in their personal growth and positive relationships.


Here’s to the start of a beautiful holiday season!

Many Blessings!
Laura Fox


About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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