Introducing The Sound Nourishment Experience

Join me for the first ever Sound Nourishment Experience!

Thurs Oct 29 • 7 PM pst • Sherman Oaks

Register Here


Is there a relationship between sound, movement and food?

What do sound and music, movement and food all have in common? All are types of nourishment to our four bodies, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We often get so rushed and disconnected in life that we are eating our food very quickly. We rarely pause to reflect on the nature of the food, where it came from, who picked it, who grew it, what were it’s spiritual origins? Who designed the food? How did the earth nurture that food into being, and if the food itself does have consciousness as is referred to in the Secret Life of Plants, what is the food’s experience of US as we eat it?

Eating a meal can become a true communion when we bring the conscious awareness of our true nature to the experience, taking time to reflect, to feel, to enjoy and to allow the energy of the food to express us.

I am very excited about the Sound Nourishment Experience, which musician and permaculturist Joseph DeRusha initiated after we had an outstanding spontaneous experience with live foods prep, toning and spontaneous movement with friends at his home in Sherman Oaks a couple weeks ago. We decided to invite more people to play in this field of Sound Nourishment because it was so fun, enlivening and heart opening. We also realize the importance of creating the reconnection with our bodies, our spirits, the earth and the food we eat. This intrinsic connection will help us restore health and revitalize our energies while building community and having ridiculous amounts of fun.

Plus it is a real act of honor and reverence for the food and the Spirit of the food, for nature and for life. Honoring the Creative Principle of Life in our actions on a daily basis can prove far more powerful than we would imagine as we keep truckin’ through The Shift.

An Enlivening Challenge To You :: The next time you eat a meal, ask yourself, does this food have a consciousness? What would it say to me if it could speak? How does it feel in my body? What is the nourishment it is bringing? If this vegetable or fruit could sing, what would the sound be like? How would it move?

Take an opportunity to become truly playful and childlike with your food. After all, this is something we do culturally more than anything else. The kitchen is the hub and the food is the life blood of our lives. Become playful and open to the wisdom the food itself wants to give you. Who knows what we will discover!

And check it out! You can join us in Sherman Oaks this Thurs Oct 29 or check back at the site often for updates.


About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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