Cleansing Is Important Now! Liver-Gallbladder Flush + Intestinal Cleansing


I have been feeling verrrrry strongly that it is time for us to cleanse our colons and our livers!

Not only does this process help us uptake more LIGHT into our systems and begin to correct longstanding physical issues, cleansing now will help us prepare for health on all levels! So many of my friends and colleagues have been getting the same ‘hit’ that I feel it is important to share and to confirm your inner knowing that “It’s time to cleanse.”

Note :: All the licensed holistic medical professionals and M.D.’s I have spoken with strongly recommend against taking the vaccine! Listen to protocols for your safety and well-being from Dr. Cousens on my recent 1.5 hour show on how to keep yourself and your family safe. CLICK HERE to listen. I recommend people DOWNLOAD this as it is so full of important information.

In light of this KNOWING, I am very excited that my dear friend Elaina Love is offering two cleanses right on time! She is also getting that this is such an important time to take our vessels to the next level of cleanliness on the inside and has been doing a lot of work with cleansing for many years.

Elaina has two opportunities to leverage the power of the group consciousness and presence to assist us in holding to and actualizing our desires to cleanse. I find it SO MUCH EASIER to do this when we are together supporting one another. I would love to see you at the Mt. Shasta Cleanse and/or via the 21-day cleanse which you can do from your own home with group support!

Here are some details about the Liver-Gallbladder we should all study:

The Liver-Gall Bladder Flush can help increase your vitality, energy level, and protect you from illness in the future.

Gall Bladder Physiology:

The gall bladder is a hollow, inactive organ supplying bile to the digestive tract which is mainly used to emulsify fats and oils. According to some natural health experts the liver and gall bladder can be damaged by:

~ Excessive amounts of fat and oil

~ Large amounts of spice

~ Very cold liquids

~ Cold dairy products

~ Drafts

~ Planning and thinking ahead constantly

~ Stress

When the liver is constantly stagnant, sediment often settles out of the bile and forms accumulations that resemble stones, sand, or mud in the gall bladder.

Symptoms of Sediment in the gall bladder:

~ Indigestion

~ Flatulence

~ Periodic pain below the right side of the rib cage

~ Tension in the back of the shoulder near the neck

~ Bitter taste in the mouth

~ Chest pain

Through cleansing you will be able to release much physical and emotional trauma.
All of our bodies are screaming out for this form of love, care and tenderness. After cleansing, you will experience an increase in energy and well-being. You will most likely lose weight and feel inspired to continue to reach your ultimate level of health as well be a glowing inspiration to those around you.

You can read more about the two cleansing programs Elaina is offering below. I do have some of the symptoms mentioned above! I have known for a while, I am long overdue for my liver-gallbladder flush so I’m super super stoked to be able to spend time with dear ones doing this cleanse!

Here’s to your immaculate health and a clean, happy “inside!”
5 day Liver and Gallbladder Flush on Raw Juices and Blended Foods
Thursday, October 8, 2009 to Monday, October 12, 2009

Mount Shasta, California

Go to the site to learn about the early bird special!

Locations and maps will be emailed or mailed to you upon registration. Please call Elaina at 510-647-9474 if you’re interested in lowering your tuition in exchange for work trade or for signing up some friends.

Elaina writes ::
Are you ready to take your body to the next level of healing?

Did you know that the liver is responsible for all of the filtering of everything that comes into your body via your mouth, lungs or skin? It has quite an important job of keeping us healthy. It is the main organ responsible for maintaining and distributing the body’s fuel supply.

Every minute of the day your liver is supplying, processing and manufacturing huge amounts of nutrients to your cells. It is also involved in deactivating hormones, alcohol and drugs in your system. What a job!
If any of the liver’s ducts or intricate web of vessels are blocked or clogged in any way, it hugely impairs it’s effectiveness in your body.

Why do you need to do a liver-gallbladder flush and what is it? First off, these two organs work together synergistically, therefore naturally cleanse together. While a colon or overall body cleanse is suggested once a season and can help you maintain optimal weight, health, and emotional and spiritual well-being, the Liver and Gall Bladder Flush is recommended to do regularly until your liver and gallbladder are free from stones. This can be as often as once a month. This flush is designed to help you literally flush old, stagnant built up stones from your liver and gall bladder which have been there for years (for most of us, since childhood). This cleanse is essential for anyone who wants to experience a high level of health and vitality. Especially anyone who has lived much of their life eating the “SAD” or “Standard American Diet”. Even if you have been eating healthy for years but have never done a Liver-Gall Bladder Flush, there are more than likely huge colonies of stones and debris in your Liver and  Gall Bladder that may be slowing you down and holding you back in all areas of your life!!!!!

Take advantage of the group energy we provide for a 5 day healing adventure. You are going to love how Easy this is. This is your opportunity to learn a cleanse that you can continue to practice regularly for the rest of your life. What a gift!

Join in on a 5 day rejuvenation with Elaina Love, Olga Aura and Jane Guyette in beautiful Mount Shasta, California. Enjoy the healing energy of the Mountain, all the fresh air you can take in and the easiest to digest and most alkalizing, foods on the planet.

During this cleanse we will provide you with everything you’ll need, including detailed instructions to free your body of large stones and grainy sediment, products to help you soften and loosen stones as well as providing relief from toxins that may build up as a result of cleansing quickly and emotional release and support tools to help you move smoothly and effortlessly through your cleanse.

What is included in the Mt. Shasta Liver-Gall bladder cleanse?
•    Daily green juices and blended foods
•    Healing and resting in the beautiful Inn at Mount Shasta
•    Gallbladder and Liver Flush classes, manual and kit  (includes skin brush, enema bucket, complete gallbladder flush ingredients needed for a successful flush).
•    Breaking Free from Emotional Eating –  discover how food and excess weight serve as body armor.  Are you starving emotionally/spiritually and the body is holding on to the reserves? How are you playing small in your life?  Are you hiding from intimacy, success, spiritual self- realization? Learn simple practical tools to untangle your cravings. Demystify resistance and self-sabotage.  Walk away empowered to heal your relationship with food.
•    Shamanic Dance – reclaim lost life-force, rejuvenate every cell, re-envision your Self. Breathe deeply while an exquisite soundscape carries you off into a place of fluid ease, primal freedom, and deep nourishment.  You will be taken on a guided movement journey where you can stretch, play, and free your body in a safe non-judgmental environment.
•    Morning YogaFlow & Meditation – breathing will become the tread that leads you back home into the body.  Based on what your body needs in the moment a series of fluid movements and still poses will be given to delight the senses.  Surrender to Gravity and let her peel you open like a rose blossom.
•    Cleansing Fire Ceremony – let go of what no longer serves you and welcome what you are becoming. This is a cleansing fire where we move beyond the fear or limitations of the mind into the domain of the soul.  After you cleanse you take the soul flight.
•    Raw Food preparation classes- Learn how to prepare food for cleansing and transition foods for your everyday life. Learn the easy basics of raw food preparation that everyone should know.
•    Instruction on how to easily come off the cleanse and how to transition once you are home.

CLICK HERE to register for the Mt. Shasta Liver-Gallbladder Flush Retreat and to discover more about the people leading the cleanse retreat, other activities available during the retreat and for an audio update on the retreat.

CLICK HERE to find more about the 21-day cleanse which you can do from the comfort of your own home! I’ll be joining you on this one, too!


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