How To Get Through Writer’s Block To The Other Side Where Your Book Is Written!


I am so delighted to be spending time with Tom this October 17 to 25 in Sedona to complete my book! If you have had a book in you that hasn’t been able to come out yet, please consider joining me. I am already feeling the powerful work of removing blockages through Tom’s presence and techniques.

I’m so impressed with Tom’s work that I have invited him to give a series of four half hour talks on the topic of getting your creative work written, finally!

TOM BIRD    July 31, 2009  062_2

This special series will teach you about the number one reason why writers don’t write, how to cure it, and how to avoid writer’s block.

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Tuesday, September 1 10:00 am pst /1 pm est


Check it out!

Tom’s Website :: Write Your Book In 8 Days

The below article is by Tom Bird

If you are one of the hundreds of millions of persons in the world who want to write but are not doing so, there is hope, and you can begin living your literary dreams right now. For all of the symptoms aspiring authors, who either aren’t writing or aren’t writing as well and as fluidly as they would like, suffer from originate from one source and one source only.

Once an individual gets a thorough handle on the understanding associated with that one source his or her words will just flow out, passionate articles books, screenplays, articles, poetry, whatever will appear, smoothly, simply and easily in no time at all.

How do I know? I know this because I have devoted the last thirty-four years of my life to studying the divine art of writing. At first, I tried all of the orthodox approaches to writing and publishing, and rarely did they work, and if they did it wasn’t without great struggle.

After several frustrating years, and with a a big boost of Divine Guidance, I decided to draw from successful systems outside of writing to develop my own approach to writing and publishing. Within six weeks of my implimentation of the system, I sold my first book to then the third larges publisher in the world, immediately tripled the salary of the job I had at the time, enabling me to resign from it, and, most of all, went from frustrated would be writer to fulltime author.

Since then, I have authored eighteen other books, including my latest The Craft of Writing (Adams, 2009) and shared what is now known as The Tom Bird Method with over 60,000 aspiring authors, tens of thousands of which have used the system to live their literary dreams.

My latest mission, which I am spearheading with my Write Your Book in 8 Days Retreat, is not only to illustrate how the divine artform of writing can be accessed by anyone at anytime to write the book which is dying to get out of them, but to show as well that they can do it in as short of a period of time as a week or less.

However, to be able to finally write your book, and to potentially do so within a week or less, all begins with first understanding what has kept you from writing up to this point and how to remove it, which is the basis of the first of our shows together with Laura.

Thanks Tom! Listen in live or catch the archives!

call in or log in to listen

Tuesday, September 1 10:00 am pst /1 pm est



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