Red Lightning :: Personal Empwerment, Galactic Awakening, Women’s Mysteries


The focus of this week’s show will be two-fold :: Laura Centorrino and Adam Apollo will discuss the Red Lightning Camp, Gender Alchemy and Women’s Mysteries. Many of my best friends and really outstanding creative collaborators are creating this AMAZING camp at Burning Man! I look forward to speaking with Laura and Adam about Red Lightning and how it is a model for ecology, women’s empowerment, sacred masculine and feminine energies, and creating community.

In the next segment of this week’s show, we’ll move into issues that are emerging and very exciting for our collective consciousness. Adam Apollo will discuss Galactic Awareness, and Jennifer Partridge of Our New Earth will discuss Personal Empowerment. How do we discern with truth and wisdom when so much ‘hidden’ material is coming to the surface? How do we discern fact from fiction, and stand in our individual sovereignity as larger issues emerge for man and womankind to sort through at this juncture on the planet?

Join us Tuesday night at 7 pm pst, 10 pm est on Visionary Culture Radio!


Red Lightning :: Women’s Mysteries :: Personal Empowerment :: Galactic Awareness

Visionary Culture Radio

7 pm pst, 10 pm est

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Laura Centorrino has been serving her community as a Transformational Healing Arts Practitioner for the last 28 years. She is a master bodyworker, doula, ceremonialist, energy worker, soul coach, dakini and healer of many hats. Laura is informed by a number of traditions dedicated to Spiritual Growth, Shamanism, Magic and Honoring the Wisdom of the Earth. She is currently deeply involved in the Sacred Women’s Blood Mysteries and believes that by honoring the sacredness of our cycles of bleeding, birthing and croning, we can come into right relationship with ourselves and all life. You can check Laura’s work out at and

:: Here are some details about Red Lightning :: The Camp Layout is below  ::

Bridging Heaven and Earth, when Red Lightning strikes, it’ll serve as a wake up call for humanity!

Come join us at Burning Man 2009 and its theme, Evolution. Red Lightning, an epic new theme camp and community, is an ignition portal for humanity to evolve, on the playa and beyond. We are a camp committed to being sustainable, green, conscious and fun. Our Moon/Sun Lodges will continue to carry the magic, teachings and ceremonies out to sacred events and communities for years to come.

Informed by the Sacred Blood Mysteries and the unfolding Gender Alchemy, a new prophecy has come to the women birthing the Moon Lodge Project:

“When the women offer their monthly moon blood back to the earth, the men will stop shedding their blood in war.”

Red Lightning and the Moon Lodge Project are excited to be inviting women to take the time to honor the rhythm and cycles of their body by spending time each month in the Moon Lodge.  This a special place for women to come together during their time of bleeding, to be with their Sacred Moon Blood and invite its wisdom and teachings to heal and transform us.

On the Playa, we will have a wheel of 8 tipis, honoring the directions, elements and stages of life. There will be a center tipi dedicated to serve as the Moon Lodge for the women at BM. This wheel will interlock with an adjacent wheel that has the Sun Lodge tipi in the center, a sacred place for the men to gather. In this way we will explore the union of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine, and birth the new Gender Alchemy!

Our vision is to have each of these 9 tipis be sponsored and go home with someone to serve as a moon or sun lodge on their sacred land. If you or someone you know, would like to be home to a tipi charged and activated from the playa to serve you and your community, please contact us at (Niema Lightseed)

At BM ‘09, Red Lightning will provide yummy organic Divine Nourishment, an alternative energy grid to power our magnificence, showers, a community dining/chill space, two 30’ healing domes, a powerful week of ceremonies, workshops, speakers, performances and

so much more happening in our main public space and the two interlocking wheels.

For further information go to and email us at :

RL-LAYOUT 08-16 v1


About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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