Sun’s Nest Sustainable Architecture + Eco Community in North Carolina



Sun’s Nest is the manufacturer of the world’s first fully sustainable home. Located near Boone, North Carolina, this Eco-Cultural hub is on the grounds of Heaven’s Nest, which is the first community where these dwellings will be established.

green swami 075

Swami Ramananda, Robert Pillar, David Kaplan and Casey James join Laura Fox for a special sneak preview show to discuss this exciting project and the entire spectrum of eco-sustainable technologies and developments which will debut here. This magical place in the mountains of North Carolina is soon to be the location of a totally awesome array of workshops, retreats and activating events, plus full spectrum eco-living!

A heavy raw foods emphasis charms this locational reality, at which there are plans to grow all of its own food.

Swami Ramananda is one of the best known feng shui masters of the world, a beyond-phenomenal yoga teacher and blessed being who thrives on helping people to become stronger, happier and healthier. He is in residence at Sun’s Nest.


Founder of the up and coming eco sustainable community in North Carolina called Sun’s Nest, Robert Plarr is a Renaissance man. He is a practicing environmentalist, an entrepreneur, health, fitness & nutrition expert, natural athlete and spiritual mentor. In 1976, he built a 45,000 watt wind turbine, a year before he built his passive solar underground home.

David Kaplan is a spiritual visionary and entrepreneur who believes in and supports the development of sustainable lifestyles around the world.


Co-founder of the Green Society, Casey James currently works with both Earth Shift Project and Sun’s Nest Community. An activator and conscious ecopreneur, Casey is often spotted at green-friendly festivals and events with his partner Mystik showcasing their dome structures.



About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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