Raw Inspirations Radio Tonight :: Paul Nison, Jenna Norwood, Chris Peck

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PAUL NISON :: Raw Foods Chef and Educator Paul Nison has been eating a raw food diet since he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis many years ago. With no other choice but surgery according to the medical profession, Paul decided to stop eating all cooked foods. Today he is 100% cured of this so-called “incurable disease.” Paul has been featured on The Food Network and in several magazines and newspapers around the world. He travels the world giving lectures on the raw food nutrition and raw food prep classes to show people how easy and fun the raw life can be.

Paul’s books include ::

The Raw Life; Becoming Natural in an Unnatural World ISBN

Raw Knowledge: Enhance the Power of your mind, body and Soul  Raw Knowledge 2: Interview with health Achievers

Healing Inflammatory Bowel Disease: The Cause and Cure of Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

Health According to the Scriptures: Experience the Joy of Health According to Our Creator

Paul Nison’s Raw Food Formula for Health ISBN 978-1-57067-216-3 Paul’s websites are: http://www.Rawlife.com http://www.Paulnison.com http://www.torahlifeministries.org

JENNA NORWOOD :: Jenna Norwood’s independent film, “Supercharge Me!” won “Best Documentary” at the Tofino Film Festival in British Columbia, “Best Motivational Film” at the Raw Film Festival in Hollywood, CA and was a finalist for “Best Florida Film” at the Central Florida Film Festival. The movie was also an official selection of both the Utopia Film Festival and the Sarasota Film Festival (where it sold more tickets than any other film). The documentary, inspired by “Super Size Me,” is Jenna’s first feature film.

The free “Supercharge Me!” show may be viewed on Jenna’s Web site (http://www.JennaNorwood.com), as well as most podcast channels, including iTunes, YouTube and MySpace. The show features outtakes from the film, “Jenna’s Healthy Kitchen” segments and footage from Jenna’s adventures in nature.

After her dramatic transformation on raw food, Jenna switched careers from public relations consultant to health motivator and raw food chef. With a partner, she opened Veggie Magic, a raw food cafe and catering business in Sarasota, Florida. She is the founder and organizer of Raw Sarasota, one of the largest raw food Meetup groups in the world. Each month, she teaches raw food preparation classes at Whole Foods Market.

Jenna travels around the world to colleges, green festivals and health events giving film screenings and speaking about the effects of food on health. Jenna received her training through the Optimum Health Institute, Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, David Wolfe, Brian Clement, Jackie & Gideon Graff and Alissa Cohen.

Jenna is in her fifth year on the Board of Directors of the Healthy Start Coalition of Sarasota, currently serving as Chair. She is a native of Washington, D.C. where she founded her public relations consulting firm in 1993. In her former career as a PR consultant, she worked exclusively with socially conscious clients. She holds a B.S. in Journalism from the University of Maryland.

CHRIS PECK :: One of the founder/owners of High Integrity Foods, Inc., Chris is a musician and eco conscious entrepreneur.

It all started in November of 2005, when two guys met at a raw food retreat in the magical land of Peru. Matt Samuelson, Chef and Culinary wizard, was preparing the food for one of David Wolfe’s magical retreats. Chris Peck, a guest on the retreat, came around the corner and ran into Matt and there was a long comfortable pause and a sparkling moment of recognition and two brothers from another time were reunited. The fact is these guys have fun together and what could be more exciting than making the best chocolate ever. Chris was so inspired from meeting Matt and learning about the raw food industry from it’s greatest guru, Mr. David Wolfe, that he sold his construction business of 10 years and began helping him release his chocolate recipe and 99 other secrets still up Matt’s sleeve.

// High Integrity Foods is dedicated to improving people lives through creating innovative and natural food products and doing so with the least cost to our planet and all its creatures. They are honored and committed to making delicious and reliable food.


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