RawUnion Demo Chef Line Up! Low Glycemic Treats, Raw Pies, Kitchen Tips, Savory Crackers + Creamy Pates

We have arranged an outstanding line up of in-depth raw vegan food prep instruction for you with some of the brightest minds in the raw vegan cheffing world! Check it out! Food Demo Class Titles are here. Please scroll down for details about the chefs and the classes.

ELAINA LOVE :: Savory Crackers and Creamy Pates

CHRISTIAN BATES :: Low Glycemic Raw Vegan Treats

CHAYA-RYVKA DIEHL :: The Art of Raw Pie Making

MELISSA MANGO:: Kitchen Tips, Anyone-Can-Do-It Flavor Balancing Techniques and Effective Meal Planning, plus How To Get The Most from your Live Foods Diet

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Elaina Love

Elaina promo photo TildenELAINA’S DEMO CLASS :: Savory Crackers and Creamy Pates

Elaina Love is a professional Raw Food Chef, Instructor, Restaurant Consultant and Lifestyle Counselor whose unique style of creating the best raw food cuisine ever has her highly sought after. She travels worldwide to bring raw, living foods to Spas, Exotic Retreats, Festivals and Individuals. Elaina is the Owner & Director of PureJoyPlanet.com, which features certification courses, raw food recipe books, super foods and kitchen & health equipment. She is the co-owner and recipe developer for her new Café in the Bay Area, Café Soulstice, the author of Elaina’s Pure Joy Kitchen recipe books 1 and 2 and the creator of The Amazing Nut Milk Bag.  She has 3 raw food DVD’s currently on the market. Elaina has been an Instructor at Living Light Culinary Arts Institute since 2000 where she teaches specialty classes on an ongoing basis. With a passion for sharing knowledge attained through her years of experience, Elaina has counseled people throughout the country to bring about transformation in their lives. Her teaching and support empowers people to lose weight and gain energy and health by making positive lifestyle choices and incorporating more living, raw food into their diet. She is well known for making phenomenal food that leaves people wondering how they can feel so satisfied yet so energized on simple yet delicious foods.

Check out Elaina on the web: www.purejoyplanet.com

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Christian Bates

ChristianBates-croppedCHRISTIAN’S DEMO CLASS :: Low Glycemic Raw Vegan Treats

He will be teaching you how to make low-glycemic raw vegan treats including Instant Superfood Ice Cream and  Kava Mylk. Christian will expound on the benefits of non-glycemic sweeteners of choice.

Christian Bates, formulator of the Wild Bar by Ancient Sun, is a raw superfood alchemist, world server and certified yoga instructor.

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Chaya-Ryvka Diehl


CHAYA’S DEMO CLASS :: The Art of Raw Pie Making

Chaya says, “I will be giving an in-depth demonstration on the art of raw pie making. Using mostly seasonal and many local ingredients we will  create a springtime bliss pie that will be a sweet indulgence to all the senses. My focus during this class will be in providing tools for the audience to feel confident that they can go home and successfully execute a gorgeous consistent and deliciously pleasing pie. A delight to the body, mind and soul! This Demonstration will begin by getting clear on what it takes to create a beautiful finished crust, refined texture and mild but regal flavor. Next we will move into basic ingredients used to create a silky smooth filling that will hold shape without being too firm, carrying a balanced, refreshing and satisfying flavor. I will share techniques and tricks to enhance and complete the flavors of a dessert bringing with it the “awe” effect. Finally we will go over simple yet elegant decorating techniques, that can turn a simple (but not ordinary in our arena) “homemade” pie into a 5 star work of art.”

2008 Fam and Cake 010 Chaya and Desserts 009Desserts2009 018Spring Desserts 09 072About Chaya-Ryvka:

Chaya-Ryvka is a cutting edge Raw Food Chef, Pastry Chef, educator, owner of www.thelivingvision.com, and promoter of living in vibrant health. Through food preparation workshops, lectures, private classes, and catering  Chaya-Ryvka presents her audiences with a new paradigm of food as medicine – while providing the nurturing flavors and textures many have come to associate with as deeply satisfying “comfort food”.

Chaya-Ryvka trained for two years as an apprentice with Master Raw Food Chef Elaina Love. Together they catered raw food retreats, served private catered events, taught classes, and opened a raw food café  – Café Soulstice in San Mateo, CA. She also apprenticed with gourmet raw pastry chefs and creators of the desserts for the very popular Norhtern California Raw food restaurant – Café Gratitude. Chaya is now apprenticing in the art of gourmet raw chocolate confections; she works in a newly opened raw/vegan chocolate factory, Coracao Confections.


Currently Chaya-Ryvka is expressing her living foods creativity catering private events, teaching group classes, creating specialty gourmet raw desserts, raw wedding cakes and providing private raw lifestyle/kitchen consultations through her company Living Vision, www.thelivingvision.com. She works locally in the Bay area as a raw pastry chef for Café Gratitude, and raw chocolateir for Coracao Confections.

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Melissa Mango

FeaturedChef-Melissa-Davison_01Raw Vegan Chef, Restauranteur and Consultant “Melissa Mango” will delight us by teaching us how to make some of her outstanding raw vegan creations!

MELISSA’S DEMO CLASS :: Kitchen Tips, Anyone-Can-Do-It Flavor Balancing Techniques and Effective Meal Planning, plus How To Get The Most from your Live Foods Diet

In her presentation Melissa will give excellent kitchen tips, anyone- can- do- it flavor balancing tecniques, and effective meal planning ideas that will ease time in the kitchen. In this fun and informative demo, Melissa will also explain how to get the most out of your Live Foods Diet and shine light on commonly overlooked Live Food Guidlines for Success discussed in her new book Melissa Mango’s Green Cuisine.

Author of sparkling new book Melissa Mango’s Green Cuisine,  has taught at Iowa Community College, and the ACF (American Culinary Federation) for professional demos.  Melissa later taught The Chef De Cuisine Idaho chapter the art of Live Cuisine and how they can utilize local raw foods in their establishments that were more health conscious. After many months as a private Chef on the road, Melissa was one of the Chefs for six diabetics during the filming of RawFor30Days: Healing Diabetes Naturally, during which she was a guest Chef and a volunteer instructor at The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center led by Dr. Gabriel Cousins. Some of her earlier Southwestern recipes can be found in The Raw 50 by Carol Alt published in 2007.
Additionally, she was featured as a volunteer and Executive Chef at The Raw Spirit Fest 2006, 2007 and 2008.
Melissa has been a reappearing guest Chef on the super sleek G Living Tv show that educates the planet on Greener fashion, food, global topics and more. (www.GLiving.tv). Melissa opened California’s first South Bay Raw-Vegan, Eco-friendly cafe in the summer of 2006, Terra Bella Café. This social hot spot quickly gained a reputation for the place to go for great live music, ridiculously decadent desserts and beautiful local art shows.   Melissa has also been featured in Get fresh Magazine.  Currently Terra Bella Dessert Company  and Melissa Mango’s Green Cuisine are her personal side projects aside from consulting and Private chef work. She is advising other Raw Restaurants, Retreat centers, and Vegan businesses in menu development and enhancement.
Join Melissa’s food demo where she will demostrate 2 delicious meals that are not only easy to digest, but simple to make and nutrient dense.


About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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