Cipes :: Shamballah LA, Harmony Fest, Raw Union!


Aloha! My dear friend Greg Cipes will be featured along with some of his new tracks on today at noon. The show will post to the main media player within an hour after the live show for your ongoing listening pleasure.

Check out a music video I made with Cipes at his house one day… I and I Face

Cipes will be playing at Shamballah! event this April 26 in LA, and the producers of this event will be on with Cipes and me at the top of the show, Thad Carlson and Dawn Hoang.

Thaddeus Carlson – A former Wall Street Banker, Thad owns the White Lotus metaphysical bookstore in Los Feliz and is active in the spiritual community teaching classes and working in spiritual cinema (currently producing a film on the Missing Years of Jesus).  Thad is on the organizing committee of Shamballah and  currently works as the CEO of the Modern Mystery School in the United States.

Dawn Hoang – Dawn works as an international teacher and healer, traveling all over the world in that capacity.  She is also a working actress and model, currently involved in a number of projects.  Dawn is on the organizing committee of Shamballah and is the chief liaison with the International Shamballah Team. is an event I’m co-producing with Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes, which is a raw vegan festival, permaculture education activation… and their wedding! This is going to be a totally awesome rawsome new event and I’m super stoked Greg Cipes will be joining us to play his fab music and shine his light. June 20-21, near Ashland, Oregon on an organic farm. You can sign up to participate, vend, sponsor, volunteer – and if you are a permaculture educator I want to speak with you about this event!

Harmony Festival is coming up too, June 12-14 — what a powerful and exciting couple of weeks we are going to have! Cipes will be performing, and will also be one of our Emcee’s along with yours truly Laura Fox, David Wolfe, Alex Theory and Rainbeau Mars! Woohoo!!! What a team!


About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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  2. alex says:

    i wish he’d come to england! x

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