Jon Nash Announces This Year’s Natural Leaders Camp

Venice Basketball League Founder and Filmmaker
Jon Nash has a dream coming true this year

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LAURA :: Why did you start the Natural Leaders Camp?

JON :: I had started the Venice Basketball League modeled after the NBA, and this became the first official Street Ball League, with a draft, paid players and paid staff. I wanted to start a kid’s program too. I had never thought I could afford to do it, but one of the players came up to me and said he would have Queen Bee of The Hip Hop Network call me. She said, “I heard you have a kids program. I want to know more.” I said, “Yes…I have a kids program,” and I started to brainstorm everything that is live now at the camp extemporaneously because she wanted to fund it that minute. And I feel that is the reason it is so good because I just thought about what I would want when I was a kid in the hood. There was no struggle, all the pieces were always there, and it came natural. So this is why I call it the Natural Leaders Camp. Everything I said, came together very quickly, including Rainbeau Mars doing yoga with the kids, Richard Gordon teaching them Quantum Touch, Free Will of The Luminaries teaching leadership qualities and teamwork, and how to play basketball, and so many more leading edge things such as all vegan organic food with a delicious high raw content. They will be cleaning up the beach, doing holistic healing, growing organic gardens with Greg Cipes of Cipes and The People, and … playing basketball!

Last year, the camp was just the Kid’s Venice Basketball League. Now from this funding, we are able to expand and begin to bring in the dream!

LAURA :: Who is the camp for and what are the aspects of the program?

JON :: The camp is for ages 8 to 12 this year. It is for kids of all walks of life. From the inner city, Venice, Marina del Rey, anywhere around Los Angeles – bringing together kids of different socioeconomic groups and different races, to help them lose any fear around being and playing with people of different demographics.

Enlightening Earth

LAURA :: How can people find out more?

JON :: They can go to the website at or email me. Email Jon

The “Natural” Leaders Camp aims to provide excellent learning opportunities to underprivileged children from inner-city communities across the nation and hopefully the world. Children will be treated to: Yoga lessons with world-renowned Yoga instructors, including Rainbeau Mars; street-basketball lessons with some of the Venice Basketball League’s premier players such as Bone Collector, Spin Master, and J-Boogey; Fitness facts and training from Vegan body building gurus; and courtside breakfasts and lunches, prepared “raw”, supervised by Vegan health and nutrition experts. The “Natural” Leaders Camp will help to develop these children into community leaders and enable them to share their newfound knowledge with friends and loved ones.

Enlightening Earth

Laura’s Note :: Check it out! Jon has such a giving heart and such a huge vision! Please support him in whatever way you can!


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