Alex Arndt, Filmmaker Matty Wilson and Laura Fox Begin Scripting ‘Plastic Soup’ Music Video

Check it out! Music Video Activations have begun

Aloha! Arndt, Fox and Wilson announce today that they have begun writing the treatment and script for a music video of Alex’s hot new song PLASTIC SOUP, which addresses the plastic waste dump in the middle of the North Pacific, an issue which is both relatively unknown and unchampioned thus far.

Laura is working closely with Rich Owen and to do something about the human mess we’ve created in the ocean, and the production of this music video will be one way Gyre Cleanup will assist in spreading the word about this important issue.

The team will be shopping the script around once it is complete, with an eye out to create summertime production sequence filming the music video.

You can hear the song on Alex’s MySpace at

Enlightening Earth Alex ArndtAlex Arndt

LAURA :: How did you get the inspiration to write this song?

ALEX :: I just do a lot of googling and I came across an article on the North Pacific Gyre, and from there I started going to YouTube and everybody’s blogs about the issues and became obsessed. I said to myself, “Wow, look at this massive problem that is not really being addressed, nobody really knows about it overall. Like maybe 2 out of 10 people even know anything is going on.”

LAURA :: So then you became inspired to write a song?

ALEX :: The whole point of the song was to create a little bit of lightness for a topic that is really heavy, without being flippant and while calling attention to this massively important issue.

Enlightening Earth

We will keep you posted as this project progresses!

One Love!



About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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2 Responses to Alex Arndt, Filmmaker Matty Wilson and Laura Fox Begin Scripting ‘Plastic Soup’ Music Video

  1. izle says:

    i watched video of this .

    • Yes it’s a really really far beyond really important issue and we need to collectively understand and take the action steps needed to even begin to correct this huge challenge.

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