Superfood Sylk + Warm Miso with Raw Veggies


Lately, I have been practically 100% raw again which feels great!

The only exception to this is, I have been enjoying warm raw miso vegetable soup. And while miso is not typically raw, it is ‘live’ as it has probiotics in it. If the soup is warmed lightly but not made hot, the probiotics will still thrive. (I’m discovering that probiotics are perhaps the single most important addition to our diets to not only replenish healthy bacteria but also to help the body heal itself  in so many fascinating ways.) I simply warm up water, add in about 2 tbs. miso, and stir with a pinch of salt and perhaps a dash of sesame oil for flavor. Then I chop up broccoli, carrots and red cabbage and toss in. It’s very simple, warming, and delicious! This soup makes a good counterpoint to my sweeter Superfood Sylk which I’ve been having daily as my main food.


Superfood Sylk

by Laura Fox © 2009

Ingredients ::

5 cups purified water

1 cup soaked raw organic cacao beans

1 cup soaked raw organic nuts or seeds (or 1 cup raw organic hemp seed)

Instructions ::

Discard soak water. The nuts and cacao beans can be soaked together.

Blend until smooth. My personal favorite way to blend is with the VitaMix, by far. Strain with a Nut Mylk Bag into large bowl. Save the nut/cacao pulp for another batch later.

Return the cacao-nut liquid to the VitaMix or whatever blender you are using.

Add to blender and cacao-nut liquid ::

1 tsp. organic maca powder

1 tsp. Merlin’s Roots Elixir

2 tsp. Green Powder (try Vitamineral Green or this rawsome new product, Lydia’s Green Power Supergreens Mix, I like them both! I know you can now get this at Natural Zing. I’m very excited for Lydia creating this rawsome new product.)

1 tbs. +,- extra virgin organic coconut oil

1-2 tbs. raw honey (you could use agave, dates, or stevia if you prefer)

1 tsp. bee pollen

1 whole vanilla bean (or 1 tsp. alcohol-free vanilla)

3-4 capsules probiotics such as acidophilus

1 pinch unheated sea salt

Blend this Superfood concoction until Silky Smooth! It has kind of an odd color, but don’t worry about it…

I LOVE this drink! This is one way to supercharge your day and your bod. Enjoy and let me know how you like it!

Where to get these superfoods ::

Try two of my favorite superhero stores online ::

Natural Zing

Raw Food World

Natural Zing is on the east coast, owned and operated by my dear friends Jeff and Helen Rose.

Raw Food World is on the west coast, owned and operated by my dear friend Matt Monarch.

I feel so blessed having such amazing friends who are doing their best to bring you the best raw vegan organic foods! When you click these links, I also receive a small commission in support of my work at Raw Inspirations and Visionary Culture, so please shop at these fab outlets using the links above and enjoy great service from great people and outstanding products.



About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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2 Responses to Superfood Sylk + Warm Miso with Raw Veggies

  1. douglas34 says:

    but will the whole family eat in this manner?

    • That is a great question! Frequently, when a person is called to a Dietary Upgrade, the rest of the family may or may not follow. Sometimes there is harmony, for example with the Raw Family, they all went raw and gained their health together. In other instances, the health and raw vegan seeker has to go it alone for a while. While this can be challenging, it is important that if people feel called, they make the effort to feed themselves the upgraded diet. Others will see by example that you are feeling and looking better, over time. It’s best not to try to force the food perspective on others. Just begin to live it, and watch as you get healthier, and they get curious…

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