John Buck :: Sociocracy + Dynamic Self Governance

Dynamic Self Governance, DSG, is one important platform for re-modeling our ogranizational structures in alignment with collaborative creations…

Visionary Culture welcomes John Buck to discuss Dynamic Self Governance and Sociocracy this Monday night.

I am always on the lookout for new ways of organizing within groups and tools for collaboration, because I feel this is our coup de grace for activating and energizing our conscious community of people who care about the planet, the humans, the plants and animals and the wellbeing of all at the vast level required to successfully make our shift into collaborative and harmonious ways of being and creating together. So this is why I am so excited to bring you John Buck, that we might consider his work and the tools available to us collectively through Sociocracy.
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Monday, March 30 · 8 PM pst, 11 PM est



John Buck has had a career in management in Government and corporations. He is now an expert adviser, helping organizations adopt dynamic governance, a new way of running organizations that he found in The Netherlands. Dynamic governance is so new that he taught himself Dutch to gain full access to the literature. He recently coauthored a book titled: We the People: Consenting to a Deeper Democracy.

About DSG + Sociocracy
Developed in a unique “management laboratory” in the Netherlands over the last 40 years under the name sociocracy and implemented in hundreds of businesses and organizations around the world, dynamic governance (DG) “rewires” companies, organizations, or even informal groups such as families into circle structures to activate deep collective intelligence and creativity and improve effectiveness. DG circles turn governance “green.” DG shows us how to live together in “both-and” ways: both top-down and bottom-up, both open and closed, both disciplined and frolicking.

DSG’s self-optimizing system gives rise to numerous benefits including the following:

· Kindles creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit
· Maximizes effectiveness and reduces tensions around power
· Decreases number of meetings and heightens productivity of meetings
· Streamlines decision-making while empowering all members
· Increases individual engagement, productivity, and commitment
· Since dynamic self-governance supports the particular mission and goals of an organization, some of its most treasured benefits are specific to the environment in which it is applied.
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Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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