Dialing In Divine Downloads :: Jah Levi on Music of Awakening Today

Jah Levi :: Dialing In The Divine Downloads

Jah Levi & The Higher Reasoning Music and Interview Friday, March 27

Noon to 1 PM pst • 3 PM est

Listen Live or Log In :: www.visionarycultureradio.com (Archives Following Show at same URL)

Call In ::646-649-1957

Aloha! Jah has been a favorite musician at many of the activated Festivals and events I’ve been privileged to be a part of. His dedication to the Spirit of music is profound and ongoing. I also enjoy Jah’s keen sense of playfulness and humor which lights up life. I am looking forward to speaking with him soon today. This recording will also be archived on http://www.visionarycultureradio.com for your ongoing listening pleasure.


Originally from Philadelphia, Jah Levi, the son of record producer and world renowned folklorist Kenneth S. Goldstein, first learned guitar from the late Rev. Gary Davis in the 1960’s, and later learned bass guitar as his “main” instrument. After studying music with many great master musicians and teachers, he majored in Ethnomusicology and world music studies. A trained herbalist and acupuncturist, he is “livicated” to proliferating consciousness through proper living “standing up to do the right thing.”


Jah is pictured here with Yossi Fine, outstanding cutting edge bassist and musical artist whom I  hope to have as a guest on Music of Awakening soon!

The band Jah Levi and Higher Reasoning performs a unique blend of Reggae-Rastafarian music that is spiritually uplifting and fun to dance to. Jah Levi founded Theocratic Records, one of the first independent reggae record labels in america, and JAH WORKS STUDIOS, the first solar powered digital (24-bit) recording studio in the world. Jah has performed on the same stage with many reggae, folk and pop super stars such as: Ziggy Marley, Burning Spear, Ijahman Levi, Ras Michael, Culture, Israel Vibration, The Itals, Wailing Souls, Bob Dylan, The Persuasions, Peter Gabriel, Black Uhuru, Andrew Tosh, The Wailers, Hamsa Lila, Lost at Last, etc.


Jah has also performed at festivals worldwide such as: the Glastonbury Festival in England, the Philadelphia Folk Fest, Reggae on the river, and the Seattle Hemp Fest and has played a large majority of the major music venues in North America. He has enjoyed chart action with his music on radio and Television around the world. His music continues to influence people with a powerful synergy of uplifting music and thought provoking lyrics, truly medicine for the hungry and afflicted soul, spreading a message of love and unity for all beings. Jah is an ordained bishop of the Essene church, a minister of the soga del alma church of Peru and a card carrying member of the Native American church. He is the founder of THE HEALING LIGHT ALTERNATIVE MEDICAL PRACTICE in the Netherlands, and practices a unique form of ceremonial shamanism and healing work with plant medicines. He is known worldwide as an adept facilitator of transformation and healing. He has influenced a whole generation of musicians, and many inspired and successful bands were born from musical and spiritual seeds planted in the hearts of many though his music. His moving performances have become milestones in the lives of those who experience him in concert.


Jah is not only inspired, but educated, holding advanced degrees in ethnomusicology, electronics, engineering, medicine and martial arts as well as certification as a master of Luthiery (musical instrument building) with in depth knowledge of over 200 stringed and percussive instruments. He is an adept musician of the highest order. His conviction to the Rastafarian faith, combined with his unique understanding of world music, music production, healing arts, technology and spirituality, comprise a man on a mission: to deliver the message of love, unity, and survival to millions of people worldwide through live performances, recordings and radio broadcasts in over 72 nations.



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Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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