Au Lac Raw Restaurant Adventure

What a fun night we had in Fountain Valley tonight for my first time at Au Lac Restaurant! Chef Ito is quite amazing and I highly recommend everyone come to this outstanding raw vegan and cooked vegan restaurant.


On the menu tonight with our gang – the Everything Raw Team – Paul Mamakos, Wayne Hoover (web programmer), and Julian Life (helping us with ExpoWest and organizational development) and myself – was everything from kombucha to durian ice cream to kelp noodles and an amazing raw garlic bread that we were trying to figure out. It was so much like regular bread as to be unreal.


Silent Chef Ito puts so much life force and energy into the foods. The place looks like your average Chinese or Indian Restaurant so one sort of has to pinch onesself upon entering — and then when the menu is revealed and food is brought to you, raw as life, well, I can just say it is an experience to be had by every raw vegan enthusiast.



Well, I’m going to bed now as Everything Raw has a big day and weekend ahead preparing to launch a new bar, I AM STRONG, along with a brand new website and logo, to be revealed…

One Love!


About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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