What Is Liberated Living? Kute Blackson On Visionary Culture Radio


It is my pleasure to welcome transformational coach, human potential speaker and all around awesome light being Kute Blackson to Visionary Culture Radio this Monday, February 23 at 8 PM pacific time, 11 PM eastern.

Kute’s high energy divine inspirational nature shines through in whatever he brings forth. Speaking of inspiration, I am really excited to personally meet Kute on the phone and drop in with him for an hour tomorrow night to dive into his wisdom-light-sharing on the technologies of liberation.

When I first saw Kute speak and in a short film at last year’s Elevate Film Festival, I was truly struck with his charisma and energy, which seems to be wholly focused on assisting people in activating into their superhero powers and highest destiny path ~ and if you have been listening to Visionary Culture Radio, you know this is what it is all about!

The show is LIVE Monday night, and will archive within the hour for your ongoing listening pleasure and sharing.


To read more about Kute and his work, jump over to :: www.kuteblackson.net

One Love!
Laura Fox

And remember, we’ll be hanging out in Burbank in a couple of weekends at 2012 Quantum Leap. Grab your ticket. Get a 10% discount by plugging in VC2012, and they’ll know I sent you! I think there is a new special this week too. This first-time powerhouse of an event is sure to be more fun than humans have formerly been allowed to have!




About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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3 Responses to What Is Liberated Living? Kute Blackson On Visionary Culture Radio

  1. Pingback: KeepingItRaw.com » Blog Archive » What Is Liberated Living? Kute Blackson On Visionary Culture Radio

    • Thanks Jinks, that’s a beautiful insight. I’m glad you are enjoying the shows! I will contact a couple of raw runners and invite them on soon, probably end of march or april – Tim Van Orden and Frank Giglio. Have a great weekend! One Love, Laura

  2. Jinks says:

    Have loved listening to you in archives. Kute was a hoot!
    I live in the mid-south, Memphis, Tennessee to be exact and it’s my intention to go as raw as possible. Its been a great journey so far. Two quick thoughts, first Kute may not see himself as a minister, but he gave the best interpretation I have ever heard of what Jesus Christ asks of his disciples.
    Drop what you have or what you think you have and follow me. Be willing to die to the flesh so that you can be in spirit. Secondly, would you have on some raw athletes especially runners. I’m 53 years old and have taken up running. Since I have begun to become a raw food eater, my stamina has improved and so have the aches and pains associated with my chronological age……….hugs to you Laura and blessings to you with all the festivals and conferences.

    Love Faith/Jinks

    heading down the raw road deep in the heart of barbeque country.

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