Vibrational Sound Meditation Composer Stewart St. John on Music of Awakening

I’m so glad Stewart is able to be my guest this week on Music of Awakening! Stewart will be a featured performer at the upcoming outstanding 2012 Quantum Leap Event, March 13 to 15, Burbank, where I’m hosting the Soul Nourishment Divine Dining Experience powered by Bliss Bar!
Stewart St. John is the composer of the channeled Vibrational Sound Meditations that he creates while in deep meditations. Stewart is also recently working with Esther and Jerry Hicks. I have been appreciating their work for many years, so it will be super fun to speak with Stewart about what he’s up to with this magical law of vibration pair!

As an accomplished composer, writer, director, speaker and author, he joyfully uses his gifts to inspire and uplift the human consciousness through his work in television, film and music. In addition to writing and producing family entertainment including Disney’s award-winning Seventeen Again and ABC’s Sabrina: The Animated Series, Stewart has been on a conscious spiritual journey for his entire life and has been co-creating with some of the top leading edge thinkers in the spiritual community. He recently spent time with New York Times best-selling authors Jerry & Esther Hicks composing the scores for The Sara Series children’s audio books published by Hay House. He also wrote the screenplay and original songs for the Sara movie based on the award-winning books. Stewart has also directed and produced the videos for the 12 archangels known as THEO. Stewart is an active member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, is the recipient of the Humanitas Prize for animation writing, won a Philharmonic Award for his musical composition as a teenager and his independent science fiction film The Chronicles of Hollow Earth — which he wrote and directed — received 5 nominations and 3 wins including Best Science Fiction Feature Film. You can find out more about Stewart, including daily inspirational quotes, meditations, videos and music at his web site:

Come out and join Stewart, me, and so many superheros like yourself at 2012 Quantum Leap! Plug in the code VC2012 and get a special two for one ticket plus a 10% discount! It’s going to be a siriusly high vibe experience!

One love, Laura



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Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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