Remediating Your Gut, Tapping Your Quantum Potential and Traveling on a Sonic Journey :: This Week on VCRadio!

Radio Show Lineup This Week!
Visionary Culture Radio offers three weekly online radio shows, which are always archived immediately following for your ongoing listening pleasure!


Founders of 2012 Quantum Leap! I’m very excited to be meeting these two activating Beings on my show for this first time Monday night! These two Shift-Masters have a foundation called One Heart and they have a LOT to share about this important time on the planet for our self-ascension.

7 PM PST / 10 PM EST
Compton Rom Bada
Ascended Health founder Compton Rom will share his really inspiring and incredible information about the healthy flora in our gut and how to help them grow. Trained as a microbiologist, Compton’s work is truly next level over at Ascended Health. He’s a joy to be around too and makes some amazing probiotic drinks I have had the pleasure to try which are very life promoting. Get ready for the full on probiotic download!

Noon PST / 3 PM EST
Constance Denby
“Rarely has someone achieved and maintained the state of presence that is brought forth through the magic of Constance Demby’s musical sound experiences. Whether you already are familiar with her extraordinary gifts or will be gifted with a first time experience, the results are the same: Transcendent Joy and tangible Universal Harmony!” -Sri/Kira

An internationally acclaimed, Grammy-nominated, award winning performing and recording artist, Constance Demby has been hailed as the 21st century’s Mozart / Bach / Beethoven, a tall order for anyone to be associated with, but in Constance’s case one founded on the most extraordinary musical and creative talent that is testimony to her prolific output and the profound healing both listeners and participants experience, alongside critical acclaim that has followed her every step of progress in a career spanning decades.

As a recording artist and pioneer in her field, Constance Demby is an internationally acclaimed innovator of sound creations; sounds you’d swear you never heard before. Yet, somewhere in some dim memory, there is a faint memory echo – rich and compelling – calling up archetypal experiences which access the deeper, more profound levels of the mind-body-spirit. One critic described the experience as, “Constance weaves a symphonic journey that is essentially a transmission from above, yet connects from the inside out – almost like you lose your feet but gain your soul. As the tones are transmitted, a dimensional shift occurs, allowing listeners to open, release and merge into states of expanded consciousness.” WEB RADIO BLOG


About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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