2012 Quantum Leap Founders on Visionary Culture Radio Tonight

Founders of this fab event 2012 Quantum Leap + One Heart Foundation will be my guests on Visionary Culture Radio Monday, February 16~! 8 PM pacific time, archived immediately following show. As you may know I’m hosting Visionary Culture’s Soul Nourishment Divine Dining Experience Powered By The Bliss Bar at 2012 Quantum Leap this year, and I’m very excited about it! I hope you will join me. You can have a ten percent discount too, just plug in the code VC2012. Here’s the download on Sri and Kira, two powerhouse teachers who are holding massive space for The Shift ::


Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa are not only two of the leader figures in the Conscious Movement, but they are also considered among the foremost authorities on the coming energetic shift of 2012. Their three bestselling books on the subject — 2012: You Have a Choice; 2012: Atlantean Revelations and 2012 Awakening: Choosing Spirituality or Armageddon – are paving the way for worldwide awareness and calling forth individuals to intentionally participate in shaping the planet’s future at this very vital crossroads.

Click Here to listen in with Sri and Kira on Monday, February 16th at 7 PM pacific. If you can’t make that time, the show will be archived within the hour.

From the moment they met, the spiritual synergy of Sri and Kira propelled them to the forefront of the consciousness movement. Prior to stepping into the unexpected co-vocation that sprung from their fateful on-line meeting, Sri Ram Kaa was a gifted psychotherapist and energy healer with post-graduate certifications in over 25 alternative healing modalities. In addition to operating a multi-discipline wellness center, he also taught medical intuition at the Stillpoint Institute, founded by the internationally renowned medical intuitive and best-selling authors, Carolyn Myss and Meredith Young-Sowers.

Kira Raa underwent two near-death experiences that reinforced her ‘other worldly’ inclinations. Acclaimed as a gifted clairvoyant and energy healer, her access to the energies beyond form – and to the wisdom of the archangelic realm – have provided the foundation for the teachings she presents with her husband and partner, Sri Ram Kaa.


The powerful connection between the two have produced an enormous body of work on spiritual growth, healing and global transformation. Since 2002, they have written the best selling Sacred Union: The Journey Home and the four books on 2012, been featured on mainstream TV, given hundreds of radio interviews, acted as monthly columnists for a half dozen consciousness periodicals, headlined numerous consciousness expos, and have developed and taught classes that empower people to rapidly heal from their issues and become healers in their own right. They travel the world speaking to thousands on the evolutionary perspective on 2012, Earth changes, “Self-Ascension,” the soul mission of each being, and assisting others in claiming and reconnecting with their mastery.

Their highly rated weekly call-in radio show, Higher Love, receives thousands of letters and e-mails after every airing. Since 2007, Sri and Kira have been interviewed for five documentaries currently in production. The pair has been featured on Good Morning America and Newsweek magazine.

They currently reside in Tijeras, New Mexico, where their TOSA Center for Spiritual Enlightenment is headquartered and where they also operate TOSA Publishing and the Avesa Quantum Healing™ Institute.

Both Sri and Kira are ordained ministers. Together they founded the Avesa Quantum Healing Institute to assist students to clear energetic blockages, increase clarity and discernment, heighten intuition and communication with higher dimensions of consciousness, and access healing energies.

The two are currently engaged in offering their new S.T.O.R.M. Trainings (Seeing the Oneness; Reclaiming Mastery), presented for the first time in cities across the US, where they teach participants how to access the Oneness-and remain centered in the Eye of the STORM. They are demonstrating “Thrival Skills” throughout this dynamic period of energetic shift.

To bring people around the world together to celebrate, prepare for, unite and usher in the coming new era, Sri and Kira have created the 2012 Quantum Leap series of events beginning in Southern California on March 13-15 (Burbank Marriott Hotel and Convention Center), Chicago in September 2009 and in Miami in January 2010. These are designed to amplify the positive energy through assembling leading authors, speakers, performers, artists, healers and healing modalities and exhibitors under one roof. The public is invited to experience the energy of 2012 NOW, while joining the powerful array of leaders in molding the planet’s future, unlocking the mysteries of 2012, and embracing a new way of conscious living.

Proceeds from the event assist Sri and Kira’s 2012 One Heart Foundation in its work to support children of spiritual lineage in Tibet and Guatemala.

For more information or to purchase tickets to 2012 Quantum Leap in Southern California, please visit http://www.2012quantumleap.com and remember to plug in the code VC2012 for a 10% discount from Visionary Culture!

To learn more about Sri and Kira’s programs, please visit their web site, http://www.selfascension.com.



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Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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