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Raw Inspirations is adorned by the ladies of raw tonight, Amy Miller who has a really cool new theatre company and the women from RevitaLIVE! You can read about them below. The show is live on the internet airwaves at 7PM pacific, 10PM eastern time at

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Amy Miller, Artistic Director & Chief Creative Visionary of The Transcendence Theatre Company will be my guest on Raw Inspirations this week. TTC is a nonprofit organization established in 2008 dedicated to developing a new approach to the performing arts. The company is united in a passionate belief that a movement truly integrating health and well-being into the arts and entertainment world will help thousands of artists already suffering from eating, addictive, anxiety, and emotional disorders due to the pressures of the current entertainment industry. A new holistic approach for the artist will revolutionize arts education, the commercial arts sector, and have an unbelievable impact on the artists’ ability to serve our youth, our communities, and our world. The Company’s mission is, through their art and lives, to encourage individuals to commit to living their best lives ever. Amy is an actress, singer, and dancer who holds a B.A. in Theatre with an emphasis in Musical Theatre and Dance from Otterbein College. She has performed in the Broadway & National Touring Companies of 42nd Street, as well as in many regional theatre productions and national commercials. It is her mission to inspire & empower as many people as possible to have the most amazing transcendent lives ever! Amy’s Blog

Also on this week’s show are Kirsten and Anna of Revitalize :: Revitalive Health & Wellness, was founded by Kristen Overlock & Anna Forkan to provide a full service raw and living foods community and wellness center in the Greater Newburyport, Mass (about 38 miles north of Boston.) Their wellness practice draws on the pioneering research and expertise of Drs. Ann Wigmore, Norman Walker, Bernard Jensen, Arnold Ehret, and many more. Both Kristen and Anna have worked at the world renowned Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute. Dr. Wigmore is widely recognized as the mother of the raw foods movement, and is responsible for popularizing sprouts and wheatgrass into our diets.

Kristen Overlock, BS Nutrition, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist (CCHT), Certified Raw & Living Foods Lifestyle Educator, I-ACT Certified, Reiki Master

Kristen graduated in 1995 with a BS in Nutrition from Penn State University. As a lifelong athlete, she developed an interest in health and nutrition at an early age. She also struggled with severe digestive problems and peptic ulcers for most of her life, which led her on a quest to regain her health and learn everything she could about nutritional wellness. Kristen studied colon hydrotherapy at the Dotolo Institute in 1999 under Brenda Watson (founder of Renew Life). In 1999 Kristen began working at the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute where she taught courses on nutrition, digestion and colon health. Over the years, Kristen has developed a unique approach to colon hydrotherapy which incorporates abdominal massage, Reiki, and reflexology.

Anna Forkan, BSE Engineering, Certified Nutritional Microscopist, Certified Raw & Living Foods Lifestyle Educator

Anna graduated in 2003 with a BSE in Engineering from the University of Iowa. While attending the U of I, she became interested in global environmental issues and founded the group Engineers for a Sustainable World. Her main focus with ESW was drinking water issues plaguing Latin American communities, mainly Mexico and Guatemala. Anna also worked with Department of Natural Resources in the Pollution Prevention department to help companies reduce their ecological footprint. In 2006, Anna began working as the Operations Manager of the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute. While working there, Anna began to study nutritional microscopy to provide visual feedback on our inner terrain. In 2008, she became certified in applied microscopy.


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Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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