Raw Quinoa Superfood Dish


Sprouted Quinoa is a really yummy hearty addition to a raw foods diet. It’s high in protein, and not stored too long like wheat or rice, so there is less of a chance of mold contamination. I often make sprouted raw quinoa breads, too.

Today, I had a cacao shake all day, then got hungry for something more hearty and savory. In the kitchen I had some sprouted quinoa and other random stuff including some soaked brazil nuts.

So here’s how I made this new Raw Quinoa Superfood Dish ::

2 cups sprouted quinoa

(soak quinoa for overnight or at least like 4 hours. drain soak water and let sprout for several hours. rinse if sprouting longer than 3 hours. tails should grow pretty quick. it’s ready when tails sprout.)

I made a sauce from ::

Vitamineral Green Powder, about 1 tbs.

a piece of onion

handful fresh parsley and basil

about 1/2 cup soaked brazil nuts

1 carrot

himalayan crystal sea salt

dash of mustard

dash of raw honey

I blended those ingredients up, oh, I think I added a small peice of lemon. And added a little water, it was quite thick. I put it in the VitaMix. My friend has a new two-speeder, it worked really well, I like it, though I usually use a variable speed, this one was fine.

I just blended it up well and poured it over the sprouted quinoa. I topped it with some red onion chunks and avocado. It was very satisfying. Since I’ve been actually working on going back to my preferred 100% raw diet, I have been going for whatever will be satisfying to me to keep me 100% raw. While this is an unusual dish and possibly not for everyone, I really liked it.

Raw cheffery is fun. I like to make stuff up.



Quinoa, grain of the ancients! Beautiful, aye?

Much love!




About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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  2. melissakushi says:

    have you tried HimalaSalt, it’s kosher, eco-packed, ethically sourced, wind powered, and they give 5% of profits to the environment. They make it in their own organic facility in the Berkshire Mountains.

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