Radio Show Lineup This Week Includes Ani Phyo

Visionary Culture Radio offers three weekly online radio shows, which are always archived immediately following for your ongoing listening pleasure!


Jsu Garcia, the lead actor in the film based on the work of John Rogers called Spiritual Warriors ( is my guest tonight on Visionary Culture Radio. One of the most important aspects of Garcia’s life is his dedication to Peace Theological Seminary College of Philosophy, for which he and and his friend, author John-Roger, have traveled throughout the world each year for the past nine years in an effort to bring peace to troubled areas such as Egypt and Israel. Garcia also devotes much of his free time to the Heartfelt Foundation, a charitable organization which feeds poor inner city families. Jsu will be one of our presenters at 2012 Quantum Leap!

Also on tonight’s show, I have invited Aaron Kleinerman of Thank God I back to Visionary Culture Radio. When Aaron was first on the show several weeks ago, we touched on so many important and profound tools I invited him back so we could go deeper into how one collapses an emotional charge, how one can become grateful in seeming absurdity, and how to retain our personal sense of power, love and joy through all of life’s experiences.

Ani Phyo, leading raw vegan chef and winner of Best Raw Chef, Sexiest Raw Woman awards at this year’s Best of Raw Awards will chat it up with me this week about the raw foods movement, raw success and her outlook for 2009 in the raw foods world. Also on this show, Aravel Garduno and The Raw Body Twins return to check in with me about how things are going for getting my body in shape!

Celena Delphi of Goddess Alchemy Project is joined by her mom Leslene Della Madre and the producer of The Mystic Garden Party. We will hear some rad tunes from the outstanding Goddess Alchemy Project and chat it up with Celena, Leslene, and Phil. WEB RADIO BLOG


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Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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