My Thoughts for the Week + Special Announcement for Raw Inspirations Ezine

Los Angeles is sunny and beautiful this week. I feel very privileged and happy to be here on such a beautiful day. I feel as though some old paradigm weight has lifted, and my spirits are feeling grounded, steady and joyful. The work moving forward is clear and lucid, and with my own personal raw foods integration, I am taking it to a new level!

The E-Zine is once again morphing, taking a life of it’s own!

We have MORE articles, recipes and resources for you each week right here, along with Radio Show announcements, starting today!

I have been wanting to have more content in these weekly transmissions, and two friends, Julian and Michael have come on board to offer this!

I met Julian Life at the Raw Games, and he showed up so big for the team that I was very impressed, and we kept in touch. He and I have a true resonance around new paradigm organizational development models, raw foods, and light hearted ‘life is fun’ attitudes. Julian’s first article is in this issue, “Secrets To A Lifestyle You Choose.” Julian’s favorite saying is, “Life is easy, food grows on trees.” I love that. And I welcome Julian to the Raw Inspiriations~Visionary Culture Family! Please check out this amazing resource to our community in this issue.

Michael Kovary and I have been in the same raw foods circles for a while and have recently become friends. He is diving into Chinese Medicine and herbal tonic elixirs in the heart of Utah. I love hearing about his nightly pilgrimages to hot springs where his hair freezes and he communes with nature, and his latest discoveries in the tonic elixir world. Please enjoy the many medicines Michael brings to Raw Inspirations and Visionary Culture. Welcome, Michael! His article, below is a ‘jing enhancing tonic’ for activating our energies.

NEW!! If you would like to respond to this or any article, please do so at :: We will post select responses in the next issue!

I will be offering RAW INSPIRATIONS RAW VEGAN CHEF CERTIFICAITON COURSES around the country, in Sedona, LA, Ogden, Utah, Virginia Beach and Richmond, Virginia and the Bay Area. I am more than happy to discuss a Course in your area, so please let me know if you desire to take this Course and feel others in this area will also benefit!

Please check out our sponsors to the left!

Many awesome rawsome companies are providing funding to Raw Inspirations~Visionary Culture and our free radio shows, blogs and this ezine, so please, become a customer today by checking out some of these links on our sponsor page, knowing you are supporting this fun, activating work!

My thought for you for the week ::

Let our love, power and forward movement we are feeling collectively with this week’s activities empower us further to build our communities strong, get our bodies healthy, and think for ourselves! Truly it is our voices, our collective intentions, and our desire for peace on earth and goodwill to all that will manifest the new heaven on earth.

Much, much love!

Laura Fox


About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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