Introducing Eostar Kamala on Music of Awakening Sharing the Love of Spirit Through Music

This week on Music of Awakening :: 6 PM Pacific Time, 9 PM Eastern

This show is LIVE tonight, and you can LISTEN IN — and even log in and chat during the show if you like — from the computer or from your phone by calling in 646-649-1957. There is also an iTunes button on the site.
I’m looking forward to getting to know this conscious musician better!

Eostar Kamala is one of the most original devotional singers of the Pacific Northwest. Originally from Hungary, she moved to the United States at the age of 29 after a series of travels. Although she still has a strong presence in Hungary, the Pacific Northwest is her primary home at present.

Eostar started playing guitar at a young age. For years she studied with renowned Hungarian jazz icon Peter Juhasz. After a period of time spent with studying visual arts she returned to singing and guitar playing when she moved to Mount Shasta, CA. From then on she has been dedicated to bringing ancient universal wisdom and vibrations of higher consciousness through song and word – original compositions as well as Vedic chants that she composes music for. She has written more than 100 songs, performing them with many talented folk musicians such as Glenn Falkenberg (harp), Deva Priyo (sarod, flamenco guitar), Ankush Wimavala (tabla) and Richard Williams (bouzouki, sakahachi).

She has played at festivals such as the Oregon Country Fair, the Mystic Garden Party (Ashland) and the Tayberry Reggae and Folk festival among many others. Eostar’s originality lies not only in her devotion to yoga, spirituality and a life surrendered to the Divine, but also in her interest in traditional music from around the world. Her songs are influenced by folk traditions such as Celtic, Hungarian, Indian, Reggae as well as various modern World Music performers. It is the fusion of these elements with Eostar’s need to express her mystical experiences that characterizes best her unique musical genre. Her lyrics resonate with great depth of feeling and understanding of the human experience in an unprecedented “Eostarian” way.

Eostar regularly performs in Eugene, OR with her devotional folk group “Fearless Love” as well as with her electronic devotional world beat band “Astral Mentis” with Scott Wells. Her first album “Devotion” with “Fearless Love” recorded at Om Studios was released in the Fall of 2008. To listen to Eostar’s music and find out about upcoming shows please visit and


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