Full Spectrum Raw :: from Raw Gourmet to Fruitarianism and Beyond :: Show with Juliano and Richard Blackman last night!

All right this was an awesome show. It is now ARCHIVED at www.visionarycultureradio.com for your ongoing listening pleasure 24/7/365~!

Juliano shared details about his early beginnings in raw foods, before he even knew what raw foods were. It seems he and Richard Blackman had a similar experience, of getting into the raw plant foods by their own intuition, without realizing others had been ‘on’ to this idea. They both got into it a long time ago, like 14 years ago. Juliano has been holding space for the transition to RAW from the mainstream SAD diet by making food utterly delicious, while Richard has been holding the high watch for the next level transition into really simple raw and beyond. Fascinating perspectives! And you know, they both live together :: depending on ‘where’ a person is at any given time in life, certain things are truly ‘relevant’ — and it is not about saying one thing is right and another is wrong, it’s about… contextual relevance! Anyways, you can check out the show on the archives any time.

Much love!




About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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